goldfish opportunity

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Philippe Gloaguen
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customer: Passionate about fish

description: I love fish. My friends say I should marry one. The Poissondors are my favorite. Catch three and you will be rewarded. I will invite you to the wedding. I'm joking !


The goal



This mission will serve as a tutorial to learn how to fish. First, grab the bait from the blue chest on your left in the camp. Then head to area 10 consisting of oceans. Once in the area, "Guild Beauty" will give you some advice on the fishing area. You will indeed be asked to go to the right corner of the map where fish will gather.

So head right on the ocean ledge until a "fishing" icon appears, press the action button to start fishing. When the clog disappears, press the action button again to take your fishing rod out of the water and retrieve a fish.

If you want to hurry, use a "Goldfish" bait, which will bring many fish. Once you have all three fish, return to your camp and put them in the red chest to complete this mission.

Collect bait from the blue chest

Head to area #10

Press the action button to fish

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