Getting started with Lulu in League of Legends

1Character Lulu introduction

Lulu is above all a "Support" type character who will position herself on the right line and will have to support her AD ally. This Support will be very versatile, will have a good attack capacity as well as excellent mobility for its function. Be aware, however, that this character will require a lot of mana and will be quite vulnerable to checks.

Regarding Summoner Spells, collect the following spells before the start of the game: Flash, Fatigue, and Ignite.

Image Summoner's Spell Description
Flash Jump Its Flash Jump will allow you to avoid fatal attacks against your character as a priority as well as control spells. This will also allow you to quickly approach an ally to save him in-extremist during a losing fight.
Tiredness For its part, Fatigue will allow you to reduce damage as well as slow down and/or kill an opponent more easily. Use with caution, however, to reverse the outcome of a fight or kill an opponent trying to escape.
Kindling Finally, Ignite can be an interesting spell to place on Lulu, very useful at the start of the game, it will become much less effective at the end of the game, however.

2Lulu's Skills

This second part of our tutorial dedicated to Support Lulu in league of legends will aim to detail the many skills of this character. You will see how to use them, the damage, the range of the skill and how to best play with them in order to support your AD or play Lulu in a completely different way.

Lulu's Skills:

Image of Skill Skill Name
Pix, the Fairy Companion

Lulu's passive is "Pix", a wild pixie that will accompany your hero throughout the game. This companion will launch a barrage of magical energy at enemies targeted by your character, which will aim to double your attack.

Image of Skill Skill Name Skill cost Range
Brilliant Duo 60/65/70/75/80 pts of mana 925

The Shining Duo will be the first skill to take at the start of the game. The damage and Poke ability of this attack will be very good and will allow you to slow down your opponent for two seconds, perfect especially for recovering a kill on an opponent trying to escape for example.

Basically, this skill will do 80 damage (then 125, 170, 215 and 260) +50% depending on your power in magic damage points on an enemy hit. The opponent will then slow to 80% for 2 seconds. This will be the first spell to max out at level 5 (when you're level 9). However, this will depend on the build you want to use for Lulu.

Image of Skill Skill Name Skill cost Range
Fancy 65 pts of mana 650

The Fantasy will allow you either to place a movement speed and attack bonus on an ally or to transform the enemy into a harmless animal. The more this skill is increased, the longer the transformation time will be and you will be able to cast your spell more quickly.

Targeted ally will gain 30% bonus movement speed (+5% power percentage). In addition, its attack speed will be increased by 25, 30, 35, 40 and 45% additional attack speed depending on the level of the spell for 3, 3.25, 3.5, 3.75 or 4 seconds.

By casting this spell on an enemy, it will be transformed first for 1.25 seconds then 1.5, 1.75, 2 and 2.25 seconds. and reducing his movement speed by 60, perfect for catching up with an enemy and finishing him off if he is low on health.

Image of Skill Skill Name Skill cost Range
Pix to the rescue! 60/70/80/90/100 pts of mana 650

Cast on an ally, this spell will allow Pix to join him and protect him while helping him to attack. Pix will stay on your ally for six seconds and protect them against 80, 120, 160, 200, 240 (+60% Ability Power) damage depending on your spell level.

Thrown at an opponent, Pix will dash into the enemy and injure them. Additionally, you will gain his vision for a short time. Pix will inflict 80, 110, 140, 170, 200 points of magic damage to the target enemy unit (+40% of the power) according to its level. You will then get his vision for four seconds.

Image of Skill Skill Name Skill cost Range
prodigious growth 100 pts of mana 900

Lulu's Ultimate will be a considerable asset during a long fight. This spell will allow you to increase the greatness of an ally or Lulu herself, increasing the number of hit points of the character. Nearby enemies will be propelled into the air and for seven seconds the targeted person will gain 300, 450, 600 (+50% Ability Power) additional HP and it slows nearby enemies by 30, 45, 60%.

3Builds of Lulu

There will be many builds that allow you to play Lulu and all of them will allow you to have a different approach to combat. However, the Build detailed below, will be one of the most viable (depending on the current meta) and will allow you to be both a good support and above all to tip the scales in late game fights in 5vs5.


Rune Compétence

+7.89 magic penetration

+15.66 ability power

+72 health

+8.52 armor

Lulu is a very fragile character, so you will need a rune allowing you to increase her life points by levels, allowing you at the same time to resist all types of damage focusing on you. In addition, spell armor will allow you to once again increase its defense in order to resist longer at the end of the game.

Skills :

First max out Q (Bright Duo) then W (Fantasy) and finally E (Pix to the rescue!) Below is the chart showing you how to level up these different skills during the match.

Skill Order for Lulu

The second also viable skill order will be as follows:

Skill Order for Lulu

Items from the Shop:

Finally, we will detail the different objects that you will need to take with Lulu. If you are still a League of Legends neophyte, be aware that these collected objects will allow you to considerably increase your character's punching power, his resistance and even grant him unique abilities allowing you, for example, to survive in-extremist during a fight.

game time Objects
Start of the game

Beacon Totem

Blade of the Spellthief

Rejuvenation Cookie

After 5 minutes ruby crystal
control tag
Rejuvenation Cookie
After 8 minutes vision stone
Speed ​​Boots
control tag
optical jammer
After 11 minutes Boots of Lucidity
Rejuvenation Cookie
After 14 minutes Frost Fang
control tag
Rejuvenation Cookie
After 17 minutes Eye of the Watchers
ruby crystal
control tag
Rejuvenation Cookie
After 20 minutes control tag
Rejuvenation Cookie
crystal bracelet
fairy charm
Oracle Alteration
After 25 minutes forbidden idol
control tag
After 27 minutes Nether Cloak
control tag
Rejuvenation Cookie
After 33 minutes Aegis of the Legion
Iron Solari Medal
Uplifting Gem

Finally, Lulu will be particularly effective against champions who need to approach to farm like Vayne or Tristana. The same goes for the assassins who will have to be hand-to-hand against Lulu like a Katarina or a Zed. Conversely, it will be particularly weak against champions with ranged spells like Janna or Nami and will be very weak against control spells. You will therefore have to avoid taking this character against a Zyra, Malzahar or even Blitzcrank.

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