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In this part of the guide Fallout 76, we are going to reveal the complete progress of the Out of nowhere main quest of the update Reign of Steel.

Now that you have completed your investigation of Marcia, go see Rahmani in Fort Atlas (picture1). Join her in the Blue Mountains office, in front of the western Big Bend tunnel (pictures2and3).

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Sit at the bar next to her (picture4) then, after the discussion, follow her to Joanna Mayfield’s office (pictures5and6).

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You must now go to the Harpers Ferry tunnel (pictures7and8).

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Go through the tunnel and talk with Aries (picture9): he opens a secret passage for you (picture10).

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Move forward in this new section to find yourself blocked by a heavy locked door (picture11). Aries then explains to you that he cannot open the door and that you must find a way to destroy the strangling vines that are blocking the other accesses.

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Now follow the new marker and consult the documents in this room (pictures12,13and14).

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These documents allow you to determine the codes to enter on the digicodes (picture15).

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Here are the codes to enter to unlock the door:
- Password Panel 1: 12-11-22-13 (picture16).

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- Password panel 2: 8-22-8-26-14-22 (picture17).

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- Password Panel 3: 8-22-22-23 (picture18).

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After entering the codes, press the red button. Rahmani will thus recover a very powerful herbicide (picture19).

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Follow the new marker and protect Rahmani while she spreads the herbicide (pictures20and21). You are now able to destroy strangler vines (picture22).

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Go to the main room and destroy the vines to reach the pump room (picture23). Check the integrity of the pump from the terminal (picture24) and eliminate the Sheepsquatch in the area (picture25).

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24 picture

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Go back to check the integrity of the pump on the terminal, then go back to Aries (picture26).

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Aries can now open the door, allowing you to retrieve three important documents (picture27,28and29).

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Finally, talk to Rahmani about your discoveries to end this quest (picture30).

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