Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Enemy Techniques material, how to get it and use it

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Our articles on Final Fantasy VII Remake Final Fantasy 7 Remake: The Enemy Techniques materia, how to obtain and use it In the latest Final Fantasy 7 Remake, the “Enemy Techniques” materia allows you to learn the techniques of your opponents. Find out how to obtain and use this materia.

the matter "Enemy Techniques" returns in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. This very useful material for each of your characters will allow you to acquire skills thanks to the enemies you fight. 

Find the "Enemy Technique" material

You can recover the materia "Enemy Techniques" from chapter 14 of the game. For that, visit Chadley, the materia expert, who will give you new missions. It is in sector 5 near the slums next to the Materias shop.

To obtain the “Enemy Techniques” materia, you will need to complete the Report 16 “Wildlife Analysis”


Conditions for obtaining:

Use the skill To analyze " on 30 creature specimens.

To use To analyze " on creatures, you will need to equip the « Analyze » that Chadley gave you in Chapter 3 during your first encounter and use it against 30 different enemies.

Use the “Enemy Technique” materia

To use the "Enemy Techniques" materia, you must first equip it on a character.

Once the materia is active, if you control the character while an enemy is using a particular skill against you, your character will unlock that same skill once the damage is received. 

So note that you have to equip the materia on the character you want to get the skills.

To find out if an enemy has a particular skill to unlock, you can use the analyzed data on that enemy in your menu. The skill will then appear and transl in the tab "Competence" if you press R1 on the page dedicated to an enemy.

The 4 techniques to learn

Know that there is in all 4 different techniques which you can learn from the “Enemy Techniques” materia.


Effect: You can drain HP from surrounding enemies
Cost : 2 ATB bars

Obtaining: fight them spectra during Chapter 14 during the side mission "The Missing Children".

aura of ice

Effect: Activates an ice effect on your character's weapon. If you have equipped another effect with the “elemental affinity” materia, the ice effect will take over during the fight. 
Cost : 1 ATB bar

Obtaining: fight a Dynneglauh during Chapter 15 during your ascension of Midgar.

Auto destruction

Effect: Causes a large explosion around you, which also causes the caster to lose HP. You will also be stunned once the skill is cast.
Cost : 2 ATB bars

Obtaining: You can get this skill through Pumps in Corneo's Colosseum or in the Shinra Tower Battle Simulator in Chapter 16.

Similarly you can get the skill with the Fumifacturiers

Bad breath

Effect: You inflict Poison, Sleep et Silence to your opponent
Cost : 2 ATB bars

Obtaining: You won't be able to get "Bad Breath" that once the hard mode unlocked. You will therefore need finish the game a first time.

Then go back to the combat simulator of Shinra Tower and face the Morbol. You can then unlock his special ability "Bad Breath"

The Morbol, the enemy to face in the Shinra combat simulator




You can encounter most of the monsters needed to learn Enemy Techniques in the combat simulator in Shinra Tower.

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