FIFA 22 Winter Wildcard Promo: Release Date, Predictions, Leaks, More

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FUT Freeze is back in FIFA 22, but leaks suggest it will be known as the Winter Wildcard. Taking players and giving them stat boosts and new positions – this always proves to be a popular format. Here's everything we know about the latest FIFA 22 promo. FIFA 22 has had plenty of promotions, with FUT Versus just the latest offering different versions of the same player hasn't quite garnered the attention it promised on paper and now eyes are on what's to come to follow.

The feeling that the popular FUT Freeze promo had taken a hit has only added to the concern in the community and but now it seems those fears are unfounded as the promo appears to be back, now called Winter Wildcard. , FIFA 22 players will once again be able to choose footballers playing in very different positions than they play in real life with a nice boost in stats as well.

At this time, the only information we have that this is happening is from leaks, as reliable as it often is, please take the following promotion information with a pinch of salt.

FIFA 22 Winter Wildcard Release Date

While there's no official release date (or confirmation that the promotion is actually happening), leaks and the usual FIFA game release schedule suggest that Winter Wildcard will start on Friday, December 17 at 18 p.m.

How does the FIFA 22 Winter Wildcard promo work?

Winter Wildcard will serve boosted cards that change a player's base position to another area of ​​the field.

Last year's FUT Freeze saw Manchester United's Wan-Bissaka move into centre-back and Liverpool's Roberto Firmino move into central midfield.

Wan-Bissaka's central defender card was one of the most popular FUT Freeze cards last year. (Photo: EA Sports)

Usually, the chosen player's stats already complete the position, and while they get a boost to make them even more applicable, the real prize is team chemistry and opportunities.

It is also expected that there will be 5* skill buffs and weak feet.

FIFA 22 Winter Wildcard Predictions and Leaks

There are plenty of players you'd like to see change positions - even if it's just for novelty - but who is likely to get one in Winter Wildcard?

One name that pops up everywhere when it comes to promo is Neymar Jr., the Paris-Saint Germain winger is widely tipped to move from LW to CAM or ST.

A number of players have been approached for the Winter Wildcards. (Photo: @Zlatani97)

Other players in the account include:

  • Fabinho CM -> CF
  • Pogba CM -> CB
  • Jonathan David AG -> ST
  • From AD -> LB
  • Jadon Sancho AG -> CAM
  • Kyle Walker RB -> CB
  • Zaha AG -> ST (SBC)

As noted above, Zaha is being tipped for a map and it's widely expected that he'll be available through a Squad Building Challenge with more players likely to follow.

Image courtesy of @HamzFUT.

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