FIFA 22 servers down? FUT Server Status, Maintenance & EA Updates

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Are the FIFA 22 servers down? Since the release of the title players have encountered some bugs and crashes as well as incoming and outgoing servers, here is a central hub for FIFA 22 server status.

Are FIFA 22 servers down again? If so, you have come to the right place, welcome to the official FIFA 22 server status page.

This page will act as a hub for all things FIFA 22 server status, including when servers go down, server maintenance, and general EA Sports connectivity updates.

When FIFA 22 servers go down, it can show up as an error in several ways, including connection issues and other disconnection issues. But rest assured, if you have any issues with the FIFA 22 servers, we'll cover it here.

FIFA 22 servers tend to crash unexpectedly from time to time. (Photo: EA Sports)

FIFA 22 – server status

As of this writing, the FIFA 22 servers are up and running with no major issues. However, this could all change in seconds, so let's have the proper protocol in place for what to do if and when that happens.

Servers can go down for a multitude of reasons, it could be a connectivity issue on your end, it could be on EA's side, or it could be a scheduled maintenance period. Make sure to fully investigate the source of the connectivity problem first, as it could be a simple fix, like restarting your console or internet router.

The EA Sports FIFA Direct Communication account on Twitter is a great place to check if the FIFA 22 servers are in fact down. They give updates on all FIFA related matters, as well as advanced warnings of scheduled maintenance periods.

We have scheduled a maintenance of FIFA 22 on September 30, from 4:00 to 06:00 UTC.

FUT & VOLTA FOOTBALL match creation will be disabled 30 minutes before maintenance to prevent potential mid-match disconnects.

— FIFA Direct Communication (@EAFIFADirect) September 30, 2021

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How to check if EA servers are down?

In addition to the FIFA Direct Communication page, EA Sports also has dedicated individual pages displaying the latest real-time updates for multiple platforms, including:

  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X | S
  • Playstation 4
  • PlayStation 5
  • computer

If you are already connected to FIFA when the servers go down, you will probably receive a message informing you of the connectivity problem. If this happens when you're just trying to log in, the problem can be fixed with a simple console reset. However, if you receive this message in the middle of a match, either your internet connection has gone down or the FIFA 22 servers are indeed down.

You will probably see a message like this if the FIFA 22 servers go down. (Photo: EA Sports)
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On the plus side, there are still game modes you can play in FIFA 22 even if the servers are down. Head into Career Mode or Kick Off and go to Offline Settings to play FIFA locally.

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