FIFA 22 FUT Heroes: All FUT Heroes revealed, how they work, more

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Similar to ICNES, FUT Heroes celebrates players from the past who have become legends in their own right for their respective clubs.

Ever since FIFA Ultimate Team introduced Legends, later rebranded as ICNES, in FIFA 16, the ability to have legendary players from the past for your FUT was one of the game mode's most famous features – even if getting them you cost an arm and a leg.

So it's no surprise to see that ICNES are back for FIFA 22 - due for release on October 1st - but what's surprising is the announcement of a whole new tier of players at the retreat with the game set to introduce FUT Heroes to the fray.

FUT Hero cards will feature players who, not quite the status of a Pelé or a Maradona, but have made themselves legends in their own right for their respective clubs; think Tim Cahill at Everton or Henrik Larrson at Celtic (although I'd say he's an ICNE but that's a story for a different article).

FUT Heroes will celebrate players who have left their mark on the game. (Photo: EA Sports)

These cards will also work slightly differently than ICON cards, the latter of which are not tied to a respective club and all that that entails for team chemistry. So, for example, Diego Milito, who led Inter to a historic treble, including the Champions League; his FUT Hero card will be a Serie A/Argentina card.

Another way to look at them is the Level 2 ICNES, with all those revealed so far having overall ratings between 85 and 89.

How to get FUT Heroes cards?

FUT Hero cards, like ICNES, will be available in a number of ways, including purchasing them from the open market.

They will also be available by completing Squad Building Challenges.

Those who pre-order the game before August 12 will also receive a guaranteed FUT Heroes card.

How do FUT Hero cards work?

FUT Hero cards represent famous players at their most esteemed moments, although unlike ICON cards, there will only be one version of each.

These players will be linked to a league and a nationality, but not to the club where they were at their best.

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FUT Heroes will offer a green link for players from the same league as them, as well as the usual chemistry for players from the same nation.

Who has a FUT Hero card?

There are currently nine FUT Hero cards revealed, with more expected to be unveiled in August.

Hopefully FIFA 22 players will give more respect to Fernando Nom de Morientes. (Photo: EA Sports)

So far, the list of FUT Hero cards includes:

  • Mario Gomez – 88 (Germany/Bundesliga)
  • Tim Cahill – 85 (Australie/Premier League)
  • Diego Milito - 88 (Argentine / Serie A)
  • Jorge Campos – 87 (Mexique / Liga BBVA MX)
  • Fernando Morientes – 89 (Spain/Liga Santander)
  • Al Jaber – 86 (Saudi Arabia/MBS Pro League)
  • Robbie Keane – 86 (Republic of Ireland/Premier League)
  • Abedi Pele – 89 (Ghana/League 1 Uber Eats)
  • Clint Dempsey – 85 (USA/MLS)

More anticipated and a reputable FIFA leaker - who claimed Cafu and Wayne Rooney will be joining the ICONES - has also provided a list of players who get hero cards.

They are:

  • Joe Cole – 87 (England/Premier League)
  • Ivan Cordoba – 87 (Colombie / Series A)
  • Antonio Di Natale - 88 (Italy / Serie A)
  • Jerzy Dudek - 85 (Pologne / Premier League)
  • Elber – N/A (Brazil/Bundesliga)
  • David Ginola – 89 (Spain/Premier League)
  • Jürgen Kohler – 89 (Germany/Serie A)
  • Freddie Ljungberg – 86 (Suède/Premier League)
  • Aleksandr Mostovoi – 86 (Russie/LaLig Santander)
  • Ole Gunnar Solskjaer - 86 (Norway / Premier League)
  • Lars Ricken – 85 (Germany / Bundesliga)

We will update this list as we have more confirmed names.

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