FIFA 1 Season 22 Rewards: Free FUT Packs, Storyline Cards, Objectives, and More

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FUT Seasons will return for FIFA 22, giving players the chance to collect tons of rewards as they play to climb the top ranks.

As the calendar draws closer to October, gamers and football fans around the world are already gearing up for the worldwide release of FIFA 22, the latest entry in EA's everlasting franchise.

While we've been able to learn more about the game over the past few days, such as this year's top rated players and the introduction of the new FUT Heroes cards, there's still a lot to cover before launch.

FUT Seasons Return to FIFA 22

For those who haven't played Ultimate Team a lot or missed out on this feature, FUT Seasons is a mechanic introduced in FIFA 21, which allows players to get various rewards when playing in Ultimate Team mode.

FIFA 1 Season 22 will focus on those to watch in the 2021-22 season. (Photo: Electronic Arts / GISALEGEND)

So, after the great positive reception this mechanic has received, FUT Seasons will once again be available within FIFA, along with a new batch of rewards to open this year's cycle of titles, starting with Ones to Watch. .

All Goals and Rewards for FIFA 22 Season 1

Season 1 objectives allow players to progress towards rewards for their Ultimate Team. Each time you complete an objective, you will earn XP to level up in the Season Rewards tab.

The objectives will be divided into several subjects, each of them giving a different amount of XP depending on its difficulty. All goals start at 18pm BST.

  • Daily goals: These include scoring goals or playing matches.
  • Weekly goals: These are divided into three tiers – Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each tier will be unlocked after completing all tasks in a single one.
  • Play online, team battles and live FUT friendlies: Score a goal in a certain number of matches.
  • Transfer Market Players: Buy or list a certain number of players.
  • Welcome to Friends: Accomplish specific tasks in friendly matches.
  • Cooperation and Conquest: Play and win battles or squad rivals in co-op.
  • rivals: Climb the Rivals ladder.
  • Finally, there is another set of objectives where you have to join a team in the Icon Battles section. You can choose between Gullit, Zidane or Kaká.
Most of the goals will be easy to complete throughout the season, so don't worry too much. (Photo: Electronic Arts / GISALEGEND)

Similar to its FIFA 21 iteration, there is a diverse mix of rewards available in Season 1 like packs, players, club customization content, or other items to level up your club. On this page, you can find the complete list of Objectives for each season.

Here are all the rewards available in Season 1:

  1. 1 x Loan Player Item (5 games) – Foden, Hernadez and Joao Felix
  2. 5 x 500 Boost Coins
  3. 1 x Pack Or Premium
  4. 1 x article Tifo
  5. 1 x Loan Player Item (9 games) – Alfonso Davies
  6. 1 x badge element
  7. 1 x Jumbo Gold 26 Pack
  8. 1 x article Tifo XL
  9. 1 x Gold Players Pack
  10. 1 x Ball 900 Ball article
  11. 1 x stadium themed item
  12. 1 x Tifo themed item
  13. 1 x Loan Player Item (7 games) – Lautaro Martinez
  14. 1 x Small Prime Gold Players Pack
  15. 1 x Loan Player Item (9 games) – Trent Alexander-Arnold
  16. 1 x badge element
  17. 1 x Rare Gold Bundle
  18. 1 x Rare Gold Bundle
  19. 1 x article Tifo XL
  20. 1 x Premium Gold Players Pack
  21. 1 x stadium themed item
  22. 1 x article Tifo
  23. 1 x Rare Electrum Players Pack
  24. 1 x mega-pack
  25. 1 x badge element
  26. 1 x article Tifo XL
  27. 1 x Free Players Choice Pack – Premier League Prime, Serie A or Ligue 1.
  28. 1 x disco ball item
  29. 1 x stadium themed item
  30. 1 x Storyline Player choice – Davidson, Pedro Porro or Bou

As you can see, you get plenty of rewards for free if you manage to level up your Ultimate Team throughout the season, including loan players that you can use for those tough matches or to kick-start your FIFA 22 adventure.

At level 30, players can choose between one of these promising players for their team. (Photo: Electronic Arts)

The most appealing is obviously the level 30 reward, where you'll have three good options to choose from to strengthen your midfield or attacking side, so it's best to start looking at their stats now to make the right decision.

FIFA 1 Season 22 will be active from September 22, for EA Play users with early access to the game, until November 15 at 18 p.m. BST.

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Stay tuned as we bring you the latest FIFA22 news from every release, news, FUT tips, and more.

Header image via Electronic Arts.

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