Fall Guys PS4, how to play the game on PlayStation?

Nos articles sur Fall Guys Fall Guys PS4, how to play the game on PlayStation? Fall Guys comes out on August 4 and it will be possible to get it for free with the PS+ subscription on PS4. Find out how in this guide.

Fall Guys is a game on an obstacle course which is available from this Tuesday, August 4 on PC and PS4. In order to best prepare for the release of the game, Mediatonic and Devolver Digital had offered two weekends of beta test or playtest according to their words.

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And following the huge success on Twitch, some players wondered if it would be possible to play Fall Guys for free and it seems that it did not fall on deaf ears on the side of Playstation.

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How to get Fall Guys for free with PS+?

During the month of August, if you are a PS+ subscriber, you can get Fall Guys for free on your PS4. To get it for free, the process is quite simple since you just have to do the following actions:

  • Go to the Playstation Store,
  • Then click on the tab Playstation Plus,
  • Once in the Playstation Plus menu, you will see different games marked free,
  • Now click on the Shopping Cart icon on the Fall Guys image,
  • Here, you have added it to the basket, you just have to finalize your order to get it for free.

You will be able to keep the game for free until your Playstation Plus subscription comes to an end. You will therefore not be able to keep it for life unless you regularly renew your subscription.

If you are not a Playstation+ subscriber, you will unfortunately have to pay the 19,99 euros requested to acquire the game or take a PS+ subscription at 59,99 euros for a one-year subscription but you will have access throughout the year to many free games and taking this subscription can therefore be interesting.

In addition, during the month of August, you will also be able to obtain Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Remastered.

While waiting to be able to retrieve it for free with your subscription, we remind you that Fall Guys will be released on August 4 on PC and PS4.

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