Fall Guys ninja outfit, how to get it

Nos articles sur Fall Guys Fall Guys ninja outfit, how to get it For a few hours, it is possible to acquire the ninja outfit on Fall Guys. Find out in this guide how to do it.

Fall Guys is an obstacle course game that can acquire up to 60 players, available since Tuesday August 4 on PC via Steam and PS4.

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Every day, it is possible to find exclusive outfits and items on the in-game store. 

Among the purchasable outfits, we find a somewhat special outfit, that of ninja which is available for a 48 hour limited time as announced by the developers on Twitter.

How to get the ninja outfit on Fall Guys?

To be able to acquire the ninja outfit, you will have to go to the shop page available with shopping cart icon.

Click on it and you will directly see theninja outfit set forward. You will need a total of 14 000 kudos to buy the set. If you just want down or up of the outfit, you will have to spend 7 000 kudos.

For information, you can buy different kudos packs whose price varies, so you can have:

  • 12 kudos for 500 euros,
  • 27 kudos for 500 euros,
  • 78 kudos for 000 euros,
  • and 170 kudos for 000 euros.

So the ninja outfit will cost you roughly 4,99 euros.

If you don't want to spend a euro, it is also possible to get 19 000 kudos by leveling up the battle pass which is free.

It is also possible to recover some at the end of your games, the total of which will vary according to your performance.

Finally, don't forget that Fall Guys has been available since August 4 on PC via Steam and on PS4 and is possible until 31 August to get the game for free with your PS+ subscription.

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