Fall Guys MVP skin, how to get it with Prime Gaming?

Nos articles sur Fall Guys Fall Guys MVP skin, how to get it with Prime Gaming? With Amazon Prime Membership, you have many freebies offered on Prime Gaming. Among those currently available, there is one for Fall Guys which allows you to get your hands on a pack containing the MVP skin and crowns.

Fall Guys since its release has been a huge success with players. For several months now, a partnership has existed between Amazon and Mediatonic in order to offer gifts to subscribers. Amazon Prime.

This February, subscribers can get their hands on a special pack containing a skin, the MVP outfit and free crowns.

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How to get the MVP skin with Prime Gaming for Fall Guys?

If you want to get your hands on the Fall Guys MVP Pack, you need an Amazon Prime account (source).

As a reminder, the first 30 days of subscription are free and thereafter will cost you:

  • 5,99 euros per month
  • 49 euros per year

A student offer is also available and it is Prime Student. You have the first 90 free then you will have to pay 24 euros per year. This offer is valid until the end of your studies or for a maximum period of 4 years.

As soon as you have your Amazon Prime account, you must now do the following actions:

  • Open Fall Guys
  • Go to " Parameters And select " Profile »
  • Then select the option " Link an Amazon account »
  • A unique code will be assigned to you to link your account.
  • Then go to the given address (source)
  • Now enter the code that was given to you and click on " Continue "And" Allow »
  • You will then have to have a message on Fall Guys informing you that your accounts are linked and then restart the game

If all went well, you should have the Great Sportsman outfit (MVP) in your outfits

If not, go to the page dedicated to Fall Guys on Prime Gaming (source) and click on " Retrieve ».

Finally, remember that you have from February 15 to March 16 to claim your gift.

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