Fall Guys: Connection problem at the launch of season 2

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Nos articles sur Fall Guys Fall Guys: Season 2 Launch Connection Issue Fortnite Season 2 has launched, but some players may be experiencing connection errors!

La 2 season de Fall Guys, which is on the topic Medieval, and finally available! Released this Thursday, October 8, it offers new content, with new rounds as well as new skins.


To play this season 2, it is necessary to download an update. Once it's done, just launch the game! However, some players encounter connection errors even after following these steps. We explain why!


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Fall Guys season 2 connection issue

It's official: Fall Guys Season 2 is out! However, you may be one of those players who cannot play it, due to a Connexion error.

Don't worry, the problem should be fixed soon! Indeed, this problem is due to the fact that some players tried to launch Fall Guys during the deployment of the update, which created a bug with the game. These players then receive an error message to connect.

This issue is going to be fixed very soon, as Fall Guys announced on the game's official twitter:

We are uploading a fix that should sort out the issue with some accounts being locked out of the game with "Login Failed" messages

We'll tweet about it as soon as Season 2 is ready for you all lol

We know you're just hyped to play it, I've secretly been trying to log in too ? pic.twitter.com/HYC34H8K6c

ā€” Fall Guys ? (@FallGuysGame) October 8, 2020

A tweet will be published once the problem is corrected, and everyone should then be able to access the game again, and start games! So don't panic, it's normal if you can't log into Fall Guys right now.

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