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Nos articles sur Fall Guys Tips for getting started at Fall Guys, guide and tips Joe Walsh, Designer at Mediatonic, the creators of Fall Guys has published some tips for achieving the top 1 in the game. Find them in this guide.

Fall Guys is a game on a multiplayer obstacle course with parties up to 60 players which is available since Tuesday, August 4th.

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However, some are already wondering if there is some tips and advice to try to finish top 1 on the game and Joe walsh, Designer from Mediatonic, the creators of Fall Guys has published some advice on the blog Playstation. Find them below.

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How to succeed in making the top 1 on Fall Guys?

Diving is life!

The first piece of advice given by Joe Walsh is to dive, dive and dive again. According to him, dive you will allow you to gain the upper hand in a multitude of situations ! For example, when diving for the finish line in a heat where you have to race, you can save a few milliseconds precious, which will sometimes make all the difference between elimination and qualification.

Also, dives allow you to dodge projectiles, knock down other rivals, and even stay in the air longer when combined with a jump. So dive as much as possible.

Take Advantage of Your Opponents' Mistakes

Although the objective is always to achieve the final victory, it sometimes proves useful to be cunning while waiting for your rivals to open the way to victory for you. Let your opponents take the lead in heats such as Rush to the doors ou On tip-toes, where everyone races, forcing the characters to work together to figure out a safe route to the finish line. Once the ideal path is established, you just have to fight your way through the crush created by your rivals to qualify easily and in style, while they still wonder how they could have failed.

Combine to better win, betray to win

In Fall Guys, there can only be one winner, but forge alliances along the way pays off. In the sleeves like The swings, Fall Guys characters must work together to achieve balance and cross the finish line.

Dance scrambled eggs, you will have to perfectly combine the efforts of the teammates who protect the eggs and those who steal them so as not to finish in last place. When you reach a final round like infernal hexagon, your rivals might think you're liking them, which will make the moment even sweeter when you cut into their path to send them into the goo below.

Finally, we remind you that Fall Guys is available since Tuesday August 4 on PC via Steam and on PS4. You can also get the game for free on PS4 thanks to your Playstation+ subscription until August 31.

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