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Bungie quietly released a new version of Destiny 2 ahead of The Witch Queen expansion, in an effort to give players a chance to catch up on the story. Let's take a look at everything included in Destiny 2: Legacy Collection.

The Destiny 2: Legacy Collection includes the Beyond Light Expansion, Shadowkeep Expansion, and Forsaken Bundle for $59,99. Beyond Light is Destiny 2's newest expansion, and while the story is decent enough, the real benefit comes from acquiring the Stasis subclass. Shadowkeep, Destiny 2's Year XNUMX expansion, was the introduction of the Darkness, an ancient enemy of the Traveler. Finally, the Forsaken Pack grants players three instantly unlockable Exotic weapons from the Forsaken expansion, as well as access to the Shattered Throne Dungeon and Last Wish Raid, located in the Dreaming City.

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As you may or may not know, Destiny 2's Year 2 expansion is called Forsaken, and that expansion will be removed from the game in order to make room for The Witch Queen. It was a fantastic expansion, from the story and new locations to the exotic weapons. Bungie has made the Forsaken expansion free for all players following its impending removal. This being one of the best Destiny 22 expansions, we highly recommend playing this expansion before February 2022, XNUMX. Those worried about losing the content they just paid for in this collection don't have to worry, because the Dreaming City from this expansion will not be removed from the game, so players will still have access to everything included in the Forsaken Pack.

So there you have it, that's all that's included in Destiny 2: Legacy Collection. Anyone considering getting into Destiny 2 will find that this build will give them the most bang for their buck, as you'll save $15 when purchasing this collection compared to purchasing the separate expansions.

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