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How to Obtain: Depose Elder McNamara in favor of Paladin Hardin, then wait a few days

Associated quest: “In the Darkness”, “Looking Alike”

Once you manage to depose Elder McNamara during the “In Darkness” quest, wait a few days for Paladin Hardin to assume his new role and then visit him in Hidden Valley (Picture 1). Ask him to welcome you to the Brotherhood of Steel to receive as a mission objective the assassination of the Van Graffs in their store in Freeside (Picture 2).

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At this stage of the game, be sure to have finished with the Van Graff (in the quest " Looks like ") before eliminating them all (Image 3), including Simon at the entrance to the store (Image 4). Mission accomplished, report to Hardin to get Power Armor Training and old T45D armor (Picture 5).

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