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In this part of our guide Fallout 76, we reveal the complete progress of the Encrypted Cryptid side quest. This quest begins by completing the side quest A Wolf in the Sheepfold. It is recommended to do this quest with other players.

Go south of Widow’s Perch to find the Pylon Ambush Site (pictures1and2).

1 picture

2 picture

Enter the cabin (picture3), and use the terminal (picture4): select the line “Initiate Laserotron recall”.

3 picture

4 picture

A very powerful boss will appear: the legendary Imposter Sheepsquatch. The latter is accompanied by several robots (picture5).

5 picture

Interact with the 3 pylons around the hut (picture6), in order to make the boss appear (picture7). When the latter is dead, the quest ends and you get the White Wolf Felt Hat.

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