Easy going genius

On this page of the soluce Dragon Ball Z Kakarot, discover the complete progress of theeasy-going genius sub story.

Episode: Cell Saga - Episode 2
Period: From “For the future” to “The training room is open! »

Go to Capsule Corporation and chat with Dr. Brief (pictures1and2). The latter needs a pirate robot bearing, density and 3 silver ores. Silver ores are very easily found in ore deposits.

1 picture

2 picture

For the rest, enter the Central Plains area (picture3), then defeat the robots at the entrance to the cave (pictures4and5).

3 picture

4 picture

5 picture

Then go north, destroy a large rock with kikohas (picture6), then take the density (picture7).

6 picture

7 picture

Return the items to Dr. Brief to complete this sub story and obtain his Soul Emblem.

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