Destiny 2: Quickfang best God Roll, stats and how to get it

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The Quickfang weapon is a legendary power sword exclusive to the Hunter class in Destiny 2. This sword returned to Destiny 2 during Season of the Splicer, included in the legendary world weapon pool that Hunters can acquire at any time simply while playing the game. Here's everything you need to know about the weapon.

Quickfang Stats

Below are the base weapon stats for the Quickfang Legendary Power Sword.

Weapon Stats Hidden statistics
Swing Speed: 82 Expand: 0
Impact : 60
Range: 20
Efficiency: 10
Defense: 50
Charge Rate: 34
Ammo Capacity: 74

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Quickfang God Roll – PVP et PVE

  • Serrated edge
  • Swordmaster's Guard
  • Relentless Strikes
  • One for all

Jagged Edge works in two ways: while it loses some sword ammo, Relentless Strikes returns that loss if you manage to land three hits. And the weapon also takes increased damage from the Jagged Edge perk. In addition to these benefits, One For All further increases the damage as a reward for landing strikes on these three targets. Swordmaster's Guard has a similar loss-gain sensitivity where your overall defenses are lowered in exchange for a faster sword charge rate, but this is more essential when defeating your opponent on a kill.

For those who prefer to prioritize sword ammo, another God Roll includes: Hungry Edge + Tireless Blade + One For All. This roll greatly increases the sword's base ammo capacity while granting additional ammo for each other propelled sword kill.

Players can further upgrade their Quickfang sword by attaching the Lucent Blade Charged with Light armor mod. This mod grants bonus sword damage for five seconds when charged with light and consumes a stack of CoL.

How to get Quickfang

The Quickfang Legendary Power Sword is an exclusive weapon for hunters in Destiny 2. This weapon can only be obtained from a legendary world by playing as a hunter. Banshees, Crucibles, Strikes, Dungeons, etc. As part of the legendary global drop weapon pool, Quickfang has a chance to drop for the player at any time simply by playing the game in all playlists and activities. It's unclear how long this takes, as the drop is completely random, making it even harder to get a Quickfang with the God Roll perks.

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