Destiny 2: How to Get Dawn Armor 2021

Dawn 2021 brings all the holiday cheer you'd expect from an event this time of year to Destiny 2. Cookies for all the NPCs you know and love, new and returning loot with new ways to hunt, and of course, new Dawning armor in the Eververse store.

Today we're going to discuss the only two ways you can get your hands on this year's or any year's armor sets.

How to get the Dawning 2021 armor in Destiny 2

The first and easiest method to acquire Dawning 2021 armor is to simply pay for it. Each set costs 1500 Silver, or $15. Unfortunately, you can't buy silver for that exact amount, but buying the 2 bundle gets you 000 silver for $2, leaving you with 300 to spend on a legendary emote or any other collection of Eververse items.

If you want all three Dawning armor sets, you'll pay $45. Luckily, there's another method to get your hands on it: Bright Dust.

Each armor set costs 6 Bright Dust, and there's no way to buy it piecemeal. Either you buy all five pieces or you don't buy any. It's a steep price, sure, but there are plenty of ways to get your stores up, as long as you're willing to crash.

How to Get More Bright Dust to Get Dawn Armor

Unfortunately, there aren't many ways to farm massive amounts of Bright Dust quickly, but there are.

Bright Dust Farm Method 1: Weekly Login Bonus

First, every week until The Witch Queen expansion launches, visit the Eververse Store for 700 free Bright Dust per account.

Bright Dust Farm Method 2: Weekly Main Playlist Challenges

Second, complete Strike, Gambit, and Crucible Bounty challenges on as many characters as you have. If you only collect the first nine bounties, you can hold and complete eight of them, which is between 150-180 Bright Dust per activity, per character, for a maximum of 450-540 Bright Dust per week, per account. Since you have until January 4 at 10:00 a.m. PST, you can grab just over 1 Bright Dust if you complete the value of three characters.

Bright Dust Farm Method 4: Seasonal Challenges

The third method is to complete Seasonal Challenges, which you can find in your Quests tab. There's a grand total of 10 hidden Bright Dust, and while some of these challenges require a high investment or minimal skill (Grandmaster Nightfall or Trials wins), even the easiest ones will still net you a net sum.

For reference:

  • Challenger XP+ Seasonal Challenges provide 75 Shiny Dust.
  • Challenger XP++ Seasonal Challenges provide 150 Bright Dust.
  • Challenger XP+++ Seasonal Challenges provide 300 Bright Dust.

Complete 75 of these challenges to receive an additional 4 Bright Dust.

Bright Dust Farm Method 4: Cookies

The fourth and final method is to obese everyone your Guardian knows in Destiny. First, complete Eva's two Weekly Dawning bounties on up to three characters for 1 Dust.

Then collect Dawning's repeatable bounties and craft every cookie imaginable. You'll only get 10 Bright Dust per repeatable, but you have an effectively infinite farm there. Your only limitation is your patience and time.

Do these four things and you could get a max of around 17 Bright Dust or enough for nearly three of the Dawning 300 armor sets. If you've stored residual dust or done your cookie duty, you maybe you could hit the 2021 you'd need for all three sets.

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