Decorative blocks

In this section of the guide to Minecraft, we are going to reveal to you the information on the decorative blocks of the game. Some are not only decorative, because they have a essential utility in Minecraft.


How to get it: by combining 3 iron blocks and 4 iron ingots

Usefulness: to repair weapons and tools, rename objects, apply an enchantment with an enchantment book found in the Minecraft world


How to get it: by combining 3 wool block and 3 wooden planks

Usefulness: used to spend the night in Minecraft


How to get: by combining 6 wooden planks and 3 books

Usefulness: decorative, used to increase the enchantments of the nearby enchantment table


How to obtain: with 4 wooden planks and 2 sticks

Usefulness: encloses monsters and animals, to make enclosures in Minecraft

iron bars

How to get it: with 6 iron ingots, in abandoned fortresses

Use: decorative, block the way


How to get it: from 6 glass blocks

Utility: place windows in your shelter


How to get it: from 2 wooden planks and 4 sticks

Use: door suitable for barriers


How to obtain: with 6 mossy stone blocks

Utility: blocks the passage of monsters and animals


How to get it: by combining 3 bricks

Utility: allows you to grow flowers and mushrooms

Wither Skull

How to obtain: rare, can be obtained by killing a Skeleton Wither

Usefulness: allows you to craft a Wither, another Minecraft boss

Spider web

How to get it: in mines and dungeons

Usefulness: slowed down while walking in it


How to get it: by combining a stick and a piece of coal

Usefulness: serves to illuminate the surroundings and prevents the appearance of monsters


How to get it: from 8 wooden planks

Utility: used to store objects


How to get: by combining four wooden planks

Usefulness: allows you to create all kinds of objects


How to get it: by combining 8 stone blocks

Utility: used to cook ores, meat

Standing panel

How to obtain: With 6 wooden planks and a stick

Usefulness: allows you to write a message on it, to get your bearings for example


How to get it: by combining 7 sticks

Usefulness: allows you to climb or descend


How to obtain: with eight wooden planks and a diamond

Usefulness: allows you to listen to music if a disc is inserted

Hatch, iron hatch

How to obtain: with 6 wooden planks or four iron ingots

Use: same principle as the doors, but horizontal

Enchanting table

How to get it: with 4 blocks of obsidian, 2 diamonds and a book

Utility: Allows you to enchant weapons, armor and tools for experience collected by killing monsters or mining in Minecraft


How to obtain: with three stone blocks and a Blaze staff

Usefulness: allows you to create potions


How to get: by combining 7 iron ingots

Utility: allows you to store water to obtain vials of water (alchemy)

Void Chest

How to get it: with 8 obsidian blocks and an eye of ender / nether

Utility: Same utility as the Classic Chest, except the contents are shared with all Void Chests


How to get it: with 3 blocks of obsidian, a star of the Nether and 5 blocks of glass

Usefulness: allows you to locate yourself from very far away, gives positive effects to the player

Trapped Chest

How to get it: by combining a chest and a hook

Usefulness: looks like a normal chest, but allows you to activate a redstone circuit to lay a trap

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