Dauntless: how to quickly level up to 50

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Our articles on Dauntless Dauntless: how to quickly level up to 50 Looking to reach max level as quickly as possible in Dauntless? We tell you how to do it here!

In Dauntless, most of your activities will give you experience, allowing you to progress through the different levels and finally reach the maximum level, namely level 50.

Despite everything, it is rather long to reach the maximum level especially when you don't really have any idea about gaining xp in the game. The more you progress in level, the more rewards you will get while unlocking challenges ever more dangerous and challenging.

Find the list of rewards in the masteries tab (bottom right).

So in this article we will see how to optimize your experience gains, and what to focus on to level up quickly and become the greatest of all Slayers.


In Dauntless, mastery is undoubtedly the best source of xp, the whole thing is to understand how it works. For more details on the mastery system, do not hesitate to consult our dedicated article.

How the Mastery system works


Among other things, the different objectives that you will accomplish in the different mastery tabs will bring you a lot of experience in addition to significant improvements to help you during your progress. Do not hesitate to regularly check the different objectives that are offered to you.

ā†’ It will also force you to play all weapons and therefore expand your Slayer skills.

The hunting pass

Having the hunting pass is a significant advantage. Apart from the various cosmetic rewards and various upgrades, the Hunt Pass also offers an additional 50% mastery experience bonus not to mention bonus loot. so it is important to have it.

The Hunt Pass also gives you access to weekly challenges. On the whole you should do them without even realizing it, but don't hesitate to check (U key by default) from time to time, because they give a lot of xp in addition to increasing your level in the hunting pass.

During this season, you can also find different Kunai planted all over town (the marks of death), after having collected 10 of them, you complete a daily quest which will give you xp. It's fast and it doesn't eat bread.

Kill Behemots

Killing a Behemoth gives quite a lot of experience, so it's the best way to gain experience. Just try to favor patrol missions over classic hunting missions, in addition to the extra xp you will earn a lot more resources, and therefore go faster in your farm race to improve your equipment, and shoot down ever stronger enemies and therefore which will always bring more experience.

The craft!

At first, it may seem silly, but crafting weapons and armor gives experience. In addition to needing it to accomplish the different mastery objectives, it will also be important to have different armor depending on your enemies so as not to struggle in combat. The patrols will therefore quickly gain in interest.

To conclude the hunt pass and the accomplishment of the various mastery objectives are the 2 best ways to optimize your experience gains, and thus reach the maximum level as quickly as possible. 

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