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Our articles on Dauntless Dauntless: Guide to the Embermane Learn all about the fearsome Embermane, the quick and quick incandescent Behemoth.

The Incandescent type Behemoths are three in number, here we will give you more information about the Embermane. Recoverable items, strengths, weaknesses, way to attack, you will know everything about this enemy.


Presentation Strength Weakness



The Embermane, is an agile and fast Behemoth using powerful fiery attacks to destroy its enemies. This Behemoth is not necessarily the smartest, however it is not to be underestimated! He won't hesitate for a moment to charge at you and will be ruthless against anyone who gets too close.

ā†’ Hit the Behemoth in the head with a heavy attack to counter the charge and trip it.

Embermane Leather Smoked Vestigial Claw (legs)
Teeth, Horn (head) burning caudal spine (tail)
Name Engime
Bonus cells Special effect
Embermane Sword
+1 Evasive Fury  Technical
The 7th consecutive hit deals +100% damage to limbs.
Embermane Jaw
+1 Evasive Fury  Engime
The 5th consecutive hit deals +50% stun damage.
Embermane Blades
+1 Evasive Fury  Technical
The 10th consecutive hit deals 100 damage to additional limbs.

False Embermane

+1 Evasive Fury  Engime
The 4th consecutive hit deals 100 damage to additional limbs.
Embermane Glaive
+1 Evasive Fury  Technology
The 7th consecutive hit deals 100 additional maiming damage.
Name Bonus Malus
resistance element
Bonus cells
Burning Helm +25  +1 Evasive Fury  Mobility
Ardent Breastplate +25  +1 Evasive Fury  Mobility
Burning Gauntlets +25  +1 Fire Retardant  Technical
Burning Greaves +25  +1 Improved Evasion  Defense

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