Daily Quiz: Movie Part 1

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Inside this page you will find all the answers to the Dragon Ball Fusions "Daily Quiz: Movie Part 1" questionnaire.

  • Who has the same birthday as Broly?
  • S
  • Why does Garlic Jr. kidnap Son Gohan?
  • To have a Dragon Ball
  • Who was released from his seal after Ka茂o's death?
  • bojack
  • Who is Cooler's younger brother?
  • F
  • What was Tapion trapped in?
  • A music box
  • Why did Thales come to Earth?
  • To plant the Sacred Tree
  • What is Slugh's weakness?
  • The whistles
  • What does Dr. Wilo want to find more than anything?
  • The strongest person
  • What kind of patrolman is Jaco?
  • One from the Galaxy
  • Who wakes up Broly with his screams after being trapped in a glacier?
  • Son Goten
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