Daily Quiz: Anime Part 1

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Inside this page you will find all the answers to the Dragon Ball Fusions "Daily Quiz: Anime Part 1" questionnaire.

  • Which of these characters was controlled by Baby?
  • From
  • Who is Son Goku's father?
  • Bardock
  • Which of these championships commemorates the death of Ka茂o?
  • Other World Championship
  • What is the old name of planet Vegeta?
  • Planet Plant
  • Planet Plant's gravity is stronger than Earth's. But by how much?
  • 10 times
  • How many Evil Dragons are there altogether?
  • 7
  • Who become Son Goku and Vegeta when they merge
  • Gogeta
  • How many pure-hearted Saiyans does it take to form a Divine Super Saiyan?
  • 6
  • Which of these characters is not a Namekian?
  • Paikuhan
  • What recipe does Vegeta cook in Super Dragon Ball
  • takoyaki
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