Cyberpunk 2077 Cars Guide: How to Get Every Car

There are over 30 cars in Cyberpunk 2077. Some cars are free, and you'll get them through various main quests, side quests, and gigs. You get some if you choose certain Lifepaths. Still others must be purchased from fixers with Eurodollars. While you can steal certain vehicles in Cyberpunk 2077, eventually you will need to earn them all for the Autojack trophy/achievement. And even if you can't sell cars, we cover the best way to make money from vehicles you don't want.

Many cars spawn in Act 1 and Act 2, and you can keep them for the entire game once you get them.

Cyberpunk 2077 Free Cars

Thorton Galena GA40XT Rattler

This free car can only be obtained if you have chosen the Nomad life path. In this Lifepath, you need to complete the side quest "These boots are made for walking" during the prologue.

You can take Lana's Thornton Galena with strength; you can pay 100 Eurodollars Lana for it; or you can leave it with her (which, of course, you don't want to do). If you take it forcefully, you will be deterred by Johnny Silverhand.

Villefort Alvarado Vato

The Vato is a six-wheel convertible. It can be obtained after completing the “Beating the Kid: The Glen” side quest in Act 1. You can obtain this quest from Coach Fred in your apartment after completing the main mission “The Rescue” in the act 1.

Archer Hella EC-D I360

To get this free car, you need to repair it during the "Human Nature" side quest in Act 2.

mackinaw beast

This armored truck is available after completing the "The Beast Within Me" side quest in Act 2. It is given to you by Claire during the "Play for Time" main mission in Act 2.

Type 66 Cthulu

This car is automatically added to your vehicle list right after you complete "The Beast Within Me" side quest in Act 2 if you let Sampson live.

Taxi Delamain

You can earn this armored taxi after completing the "Epistrophy" and "Don't Lose Your Mind" side quests in Act 2 (after contacting Delamain HQ).

Quad Turbo-R V-Tech

The iconic Quadra vehicle can be obtained after completing the "Life's Work" gig, which can be started at The Glen, Heywood. After completing the concert and waiting for three days, you will receive the side work "Sex on Wheels". Upon completing this side job, you will be rewarded with a free Quadra vehicle.

Rayfield caliburn

The black Caliburn variant can be obtained during the "Ghost Town" main mission of Act 2.

Porsche Turbo 911

You will get this iconic vehicle from Johnny Silverhand right after completing the “Chippin’ In” side quest in Act 2. The side quest becomes available after completing the “Tapeworm” main mission in Act 2.

Colby CX410 Butte

The green Colby CX410 Butte variant can be extracted from the Desert Film Set in the easternmost part of the Badlands region.

All the cars you can buy in Cyberpunk 2077

Thorton Galena G240

Once you crash your free car at the start of Act 2, you'll get a call from Regina Jones (Reggie), who asks if you want to buy this cheap vehicle. It is located in the Watson district.

Archer Quartz EC-L R275

This compact coupe can be purchased from Reggie in the Northside Industrial District, Watson.

Thorton Colby C240T

Look for this three-door wagon in the Ded Zed shop near the docks in the industrial district of Northside.

Mizutani Shion MZ2

Reggie's latest offering comes in the form of a sports car, which can be purchased in the Little China sub-district in Watson.

Thorton Galena Gecko

This roadster can be purchased in the South Dakota Smith Badlands.

Thornton Colby Little Mule

This modified truck can be purchased in the westernmost part of the Dakota Smith badlands.

Quadra Type-66 Javelina

You can purchase the Quadra Type-66 Javelina from Dakota Smith at Protein Farm after completing the "Ghost Town" main mission in Act 2. You can find Protein Farm in the southwest Badlands.

Coyote Mizutani Shion

The Mizutani Shion Coyote is the latest and most expensive car you can buy from Dakota Smith. You can get it at the Sunshine Motel in the Badlands.

Fret Villefort Columbus V340-F

This SUV is available in Downtown, right after you meet Dino Dinovic in Downtown.

Chevillon Emperor 620 Ragnar

An armored SUV, with a better paint job, can be seen near Arasaka Tower after encountering Dino Dinovic. It is the Emperor Chevillon.

Herrera Outlaw GTS

This neon limo can be found in the northern part of downtown after talking to Dino Dinovic.

Quadra Type-66 Avenger

This mid-level sports car can be purchased from Dino Dinovic after finding it near Metro: Republic Way.

Rayfield caliburn

Caliburn can be obtained for free but only in black. You can buy the white version of Dino Dinovic. You can find it next to the Corporation St. headquarters in the western part of downtown.

Chevilion Thrax 388 Jefferson

This futuristic limo can be purchased in the Wellsprings sub-district of Heywood. It becomes available as soon as you receive a call from Sebastian Ibarra (Padre).

Villefort Cortes V5000 Value

Valor is the second car you can get from Sebastian Ibarra. It can be purchased in the northwest region of Wellsprings.

Delegate Villefort Alvarado V4F 570

You can find the latest car offered by Ibarra in the western part of the Glen sub-district of Heywood.

Mahir Supron FS3

You can buy the Mahir Supron in the Arroyo district once you meet Muamar Reyes in Santo Domingo.

Thorton Colby CX410 Butte

The red variant of this sport truck can be purchased from Muamar Reyes in Rancho Coronado.

Quadra Type-66 640TS

You can also get this sports car is also available from Muamar Reyes in Rancho Coronado.

Thorton Mackinaw MTL1

This is the last car you can buy from Muamar Reyes. It is in the Arroyo district of Santo Domingo.

Makigai Maimai P126

This little bubble car is available right after you enter Japantown. It can be found in Charter Hill, Westbrook.

Quad Turbo-R 740

In the same area in Charter Hill, Westbrook, Wakako Okada will ask you if you want to buy this vehicle.

Rayfield Aerondight S9

The Rayfield Aerondight S9 is the most expensive hypercar in the game, and it's the last vehicle you can buy from Wakako Okada. It is in the North Oak sub-district of Westbrook.

How to Sell Cars in Cyberpunk 2077

Currently, there is no direct way to sell cars in Cyberpunk 2077. However, if you don't like the car you bought and want to buy another, you can sell junk instead .

Junk items can be sold at any junk shop, indicated by the white €$ sign on your map. However, don't just sell junk. Disassemble it first using the auto disassembly perk and sell the parts separately.

Each junk item can be dismantled into 5 common parts and 1 uncommon part. Each common part sells for 5 Eurodollars, and each rare part sells for 8 swirls. This means that a junk item can make you 33 whirlwinds when dismantled, while you would make at most 3 whirlwinds if you sell it without dismantling it.

That's all you need to know about how to get every car and "sell" it in Cyberpunk 2077. For more on Cyberpunk 2077, visit the game's main page for more tips and tricks.

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