Cyberpunk 2077 Bikes Guide: How to Get Every Bike

A bike can be a much more convenient way to get around town than a bulky car. Fortunately, Cyberpunk 2077 offers players six models of motorcycles, three of which are free bikes and three can be purchased with Eurodollars. This guide will provide you with tips on how to get every bike in the game and how to "sell" them, sort of.

Some free bikes can be hard to get. If you don't have enough money to buy one of the Fixer Motorcycles, you will need to do some side quests and gigs.

cyberpunk 2077 free bikes

Jackie's ARK

When you complete the second main mission of Act 2 called "Play for Time", you will unlock the "Heroes" side quest.

But the availability of this quest depends on how well you completed the last main mission of Act 1 called "The Heist". He will ask you to keep or get rid of the Jackie Welles character in your car.

If you decide to get rid of him, then you can play the "Heroes" side quest in Act 2. If you decide to keep him in the car, you will lose the opportunity to win a free Jackie's ARCH bike.

Brennan Apollo Scorpion

You will automatically get this free bike after completing the “Life in Wartime” Main Mission in Act 2.

ARCHE Nazare Itsumade

This bike can be unlocked after completing the hidden side quest "Highwayman".

Here you need to locate a garage in the southeast part of Rancho Coronado, which is right behind the gun store. You can easily walk into the garage and find the Itsumade bike inside.

Once you interact with the bike, the "Highwayman" quest will begin. Don't forget to also check the nearby laptop for some pictures.

Next, head to the western area of ​​Japantown. You need to find an NPC named James sitting on the bench in the southern part of the street. Ask him what happened to the lady in the photo named Josie.

You now need to travel to Heywood and locate the Metro fast travel dataterm: Glen North. From this point, head east and look for a corpse of Josie in an alley behind the trash can. Once you find it, return to James and report what you find.

Finally, go to the industrial district of Northside, Watson, Night City. There is the All Foods Plant hog slaughterhouse, which is the current hideout of the Maelstrom gang led by Simon Randall, also known as Royce.

There is an intersection near the factory on the north side of which you will see a locked garage with a password. Enter the code 0214 and the bike is yours.

All the bikes you can buy in Cyberpunk 2077

Steal the CT-3X Sensor

Once you enter Japantown, you will receive a message from Wakako Okada, who will offer this Japanese bike for sale. It can be located in the northern part of Japantown.

ARK Nazare Racer

This bike only becomes available for purchase when you complete all of the gigs around Westbrook given to you by Wakako Okada. If you succeed, you can buy it in the area next to the Drive-In Theater in the northern part of Westbrook.

Brennan apollo

The Apollo bike can be purchased from Sebastian "Padre" Ibarra east of the Delamain headquarters building.

How to Sell Bikes in Cyberpunk 2077

Unfortunately, you cannot sell bikes or cars in Cyberpunk 2077 at this time. But you can make a lot of money by selling disassembled unwanted items at any available junk shop, indicated by the white €$ sign on your map.

This way you can easily save a lot of money and buy a brand new bike, if you are unhappy with your current bike. For more information on selling junk items, refer to this Cyberpunk 2077 cars guide.

That's all you need to know about how to get every bike and "sell" it in Cyberpunk 2077. For more on Cyberpunk 2077, visit the game's main page for more tips and tricks.

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