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This part of the Soluce Monster Hunter Stories 2 is dedicated to the "Confusing Diablos" side quest. Here you will find the progress of the mission as well as information on its activation conditions and the rewards obtained.

Activation : Quest Panel

Access conditions: Complete the "Ascension" quest

Reward : Secret Potion + Herb x3

Before engaging in this particularly tough fight, wait until you have reached at least level 43, also make sure you are accompanied by Ren and his Monstie. Once your preparations are complete, go to the Lamure Desert at night and enter the den indicated by the marker to find your target (pictures1-2).

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2 picture

In the first part of the fight, opt for speed attacks and then launch a sonic bomb when the monster burrows into the ground (picture3). Thereafter, the Diablos should enter a state of rage and you will have to switch to technical attacks to counter it (picture4). For the rest, make sure to keep your HP afloat and try to focus on the monster's head to eventually knock it down.

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