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After defeating the Beotodus in the main mission"Baptism by ice (★)", you will unlock a dozen free quests that will allow you to improve your arsenal, change the rank of your armor and test your new skills on already known monsters (picture1). In the same way as for the mode novice and expert, you will be able to explore the world maps in master difficulty in order to obtain new components (picture2).

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Before setting out to find the Kulu-Ya-Ku in the Ancient Forest, be sure to prepare well. Although it is an animal that you already know, you will be required to have a weapon and armor of at least rarity 6 if you want the fight to take place in the best possible way (picture3). If this is not the case, perform several free missions in expert mode to remedy this (picture4).

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After defeating several Master Rank monsters, you will get upgraded equipment and can focus on the main story of Iceborne (picture5). Also, don’t forget to choose your pieces of equipment according to their talents (picture6). Reminder: some armors have talents that can improve or give new skills to the hunter. These talents remain active as long as you have the corresponding equipment equipped.

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Each piece of armor is infused with specific talents. Before enhancing or improving equipment, take a look at its talents. If several pieces of equipment share the same talent, its level corresponds to the sum of the talent levels of the different pieces (picture7). To benefit from the full potential of a talent, equip yourself with the right pieces of armor. Don’t forget to eat and then select the “Comic Copy” mission (picture8).

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Depending on where you will be dropped off in the Ancient Forest, follow the rafts to the Kulu-Ya-Ku lair (picture9). Don't forget to interact with the footprints on the ground to learn more about the animal and thus be able to track it better. The sensitive point of this monster is at the level of its head, so favor this vital point when you face it (picture10).

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The monster will be able to let out a cry that immobilizes you for a few seconds. When it lets out its cry, make sure you are at a good distance so as not to receive one of its attacks after being immobilized (picture11). During the fight, the Kulu-Ya-Ku will dig the ground and grab a rock (picture12). From then on, hit the monster's tail first.

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The rocks that the Master Rank Kulu-Ya-Ku will carry can be explosive or fully protect his lower body (picture13). Also, don’t forget to periodically use your cape’s bonuses as well as the new grappling hook, available in Iceborne (picture14). This object will allow you to cling to the hunted monster and inflict heavy damage on it which can put it on the ground for a few seconds.

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After inflicting enough damage, the monster will leave the area limping (picture15). Take the opportunity to sharpen your weapon and go looking for it again, following the green line showing the monster's footprints on the ground. When it is not in possession of a rock, the Kulu-Ya-Ku will rush towards you, pecking at the ground (picture16). Roll over and hit the animal's back.

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Repeat the operation as many times as necessary and put an end to its existence.

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