Collect the Dragon Balls.

After finding Bulma in Capsule Corp, you will have to go in search of the seven "Dragon Balls" crystal balls. The sequel to our complete Dragon Ball Fusions walkthrough will walk you through where to go and how to successfully get each ball in order to eventually summon Shenron.

Seven-Star Dragon Ball:

The first ball is in the Spacetime Rift 1F. Go in the opposite direction to Capsule Corp as shown in the image below to eventually come across Majin Buu (picture1). After a quick dialogue, you will wake up the watch and have to fight it. First of all, know that he will recover almost all of his life between each turn.

1 picture

2 picture

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You will therefore have to push him out of the ring as often as possible to make him lose turns (pictures2and3), inflict damage on him, and eventually increase your energy bar enough to use your Ultimate Fusion, which will then have to eliminate him (pictures4and5 ). Tip: do a few fights beforehand to increase your energy bar to its maximum at the start of the fight. Once Majin Buu is defeated, you will get your first crystal ball (picture6).

4 picture

5 picture

6 picture

Three-Star Dragon Ball:

Then teleport near Satan City in the 2F Spacetime Rift (picture7). Above the city will be Hildegarn, fly to him and then interact with the monster to realize that it is controlled by Baby (picture8). You will then have to face him and his minions (picture9).

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Regarding the fight, know first of all that his allies will resurrect if you defeat them. So try to face only Hildegarn during the fight. To inflict damage on him, you can first hit his allies so that they ricochet off the Boss. Then raise your energy bar to perform an Ultimate Fusion attack (pictures10and11).

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11 picture

12 picture

After two Ultimate Fusions the Boss should end up breathing its last. Also, be careful not to use special attacks against him because he can counter them via “Misty Counter” (picture12). So prefer simple attacks and favor Ultimate Fusions against this enemy. Once the fight is over, enter Satan City (picture13). The crystal ball to retrieve will be at the bottom right of the area (pictures14and15).

13 picture

14 picture

15 picture

Four-Star Dragon Ball:

Information: know that it will not be necessary for you to recover these balls in order. Then teleport to the 3F Spacetime Rift where the Cell Tournament is located, and go to the left at the level of the ruined city (picture16). There you will find Super C-17 who will have the four-star ball in his possession (pictures17and18).

16 picture

17 picture

18 picture

After finishing your discussion, you will have to fight again against the cyborg team (picture19). This fight will be much less difficult than the previous one but don't be fooled, we advise you to have a team of at least level 60 and make the best use of the scenery to throw the opponents out of the ring by looking at the places where it doesn't. there will be no walls (pictures20and21).

19 picture

20 picture

21 picture

In addition, use your Ultimate Fusion only after having gathered enough enemies in the area to cause real carnage (pictures22and23). Once the fight is over, Son Goku will take possession of the four-star ball and tell you about his grandfather who gave it to him when he was a child (picture24).

22 picture

23 picture

24 picture

One-Star Dragon Ball:

Now head into the 4F Spacetime Rift and go to the center of the area until a bright spot appears on the map (pictures25and26). As you approach the character in the area, you will discover that it is Li Shenron who will be in possession of the first crystal ball (pictures27and28).

25 picture

26 picture

27 picture

You will how the present crystal balls have to face this enemy with many attacks and can even regenerate if the desire comes to him. To fight, keep a minimum of energy in order to be able to perform counter-attacks on his special attacks.

28 picture

29 picture

30 picture

When your energy bar is high enough, use your Ultimate Fusion to inflict maximum damage (pictures29and30) and do not hesitate to place all your allies around the enemy to perform a chain of combos (pictures31and32). Once the fight is over, you will be in possession of the One-Star Dragon Ball (picture33).

31 picture

32 picture

33 picture

Six-Star Dragon Ball:

We take the same ones and start over, now teleport to the 5F Spacetime Rift and go to a small area below the main island where the tournament is. You will find the six-star crystal ball there, as shown in the picture below (picture34). This is when you will see Pilaf's group make you do it... (picture35)

... This one will ask his robot to self-destruct and you will only have a few seconds to put an end to this fight. Be aware that "pausing" won't work, so you'll need to move through the menu as quickly as possible. At the start of the fight, only use melee attacks in order to put your opponent outside the ring (picture36).

34 picture

35 picture

36 picture

When you have more energy, you can lose a few seconds to launch special attacks that will inflict better damage on the robot (picture37). Finally, you will have to manage to increase your bar enough to launch your Ultimate Fusion and end the fight. Information: know that even if the timer attacks 0, it is only after the damage has been counted that the fight will end (picture38). Once the enemy is defeated, you will get the six-star ball (picture39).

37 picture

38 picture

39 picture

Two- and five-star Dragon Ball:

Continuation and end of this long quest which will make you recover the last two balls. Teleport to the 6F Spacetime Rift and go to the left at a hole in the ground (picture40). Go down to discover a whole new area in which Janemba will be (pictures41and42).

40 picture

41 picture

42 picture

Your first fight will be against this huge enemy. Be aware that at each turn Janemba will regain a little more than 6.000 life points (picture43). Your goal will therefore be to inflict enough damage on him so that he cannot fully regenerate and then send him out of the field so that he loses a turn (picture44). In addition, keep a little energy each time to be able to repel his special attacks via counters (picture45).

43 picture

44 picture

45 picture

After defeating his first form, you will find yourself in front of Super Janemba who will merge with Buu and become Janenbu (picture46). This fight will be very difficult and all your opponents will be level 60. So make sure you have a higher level than them (pictures47and48).

46 picture

47 picture

48 picture

Advice: focus first on Janenbu, throw him out of the field so that he loses his turn and use your Ultimate Fusion as soon as possible even if it only hits this opponent to get back to the end as quickly as possible (pictures49to51). Stay focused and play fairly defensively with your team.

49 picture

50 picture

51 picture

The goal being not to lose a teammate, perform combos by throwing your opponents between your allies and then use your Ultimate Fusion again when it is ready again. After winning this last fight, you will get the two and five star ball and complete the mission "Gather the Dragon Balls." (pictures52to54).

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