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Clumsy Ninja: Gain experience with balloons

Dance Clumsy ninja, you can buy balloons and then place them on your ninja to earn a significant experience bonus. This is one of the rare cases where it is worth spending your gems because you can quickly level up and ultimately get more money. Below you will find the price of the balloons as well as the amount of experience they will allow you to obtain.

basic ball 

25 pieces for 5 balloons

4 gems for 10 balloons

XP: 430 pts

natural ball

50 pieces for 5 balloons

6 gems for 10 balloons

XP: 1 100 pts

Ball Sensei

75 pieces for 5 balloons

8 gems for 10 balloons

XP: 6 300 pts

Multicolor balloon

100 pieces for 5 balloons

10 gems for 10 balloons

XP: 10 000 pts

- Basic ball: 25 coins for 5 - 4 gems for 10 - XP: 430 pts - Natural ball: 50 coins for 5 - 6 gems for 10 - XP: 1 pts - Sensei ball: 100 coins for 75 - 5 gems for 8: XP: 10 pts - Multicolored ball: 6 coins for 300 - 100 gems for 5 - XP: 10 pts

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Clumsy Ninja: Make money easily

Like all games of the genre, Clumsy ninja will require you to spend in-game money to unlock new workouts or accessories. Here you will find some tips that will allow you to get money on a regular basis.

Earn levels for each training accessory: The training tools improve as you use them and with each level of improvement you will get extra money by using them. So keep using them until you get them to the maximum to get experience but also valuable coins.

Buy the chicken: From level 10, you will have the opportunity to acquire a chicken, from then on, it will allow you to obtain 50 additional coins, once a day!

Fix your items with Twitter: Every day you will have the opportunity to talk about Clumsy ninja on Twitter. Doing so will speed up the repair of your damaged items. Use this cheat to quickly repair the items that will earn you the most money.

Written by Sly on 19/06/2015
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