Clash Royale: the new features of the update of 3/5/2016

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1Six new game cards

This new Clash Royale update introduces no less than 6 new cards whose 1 common, 1 rare, 1 epic and 3 legendary. Just that !

New Common Card: Spirits of Fire

>> Learn all about the Spirits of Fire map here

New Rare Card: Furnace

>> Find out all about the Fournaise menu here!

New Epic Map: Guards

>> Find out all about the Gardes card here!

New legendary card: Minor

>> Learn all about the Miner card here!

New legendary card: Zappy

>> All about the Zappy card here!

New Legendary Card: Lava Hound

>> Learn all about the Lava Hound map here!

2One victory = 1 bonus gold coins

In case of victory, even if you have no empty slots to accommodate a chest, you will now earn a little gold. The amount of gold earned depends on thearena in which you move. Those Rewards however, are limited to 20 per day. The amounts vary from 5 gold coins for arena 1 to 20 gold coins for arena 8.

Bad news though, the quantity of gold coins inside chests other than the crown chest has been reduced! 

3. Crown Chest Contents Increased

The number ofitems contained inside the crown chest has been I doublé (up to 76 cards).

You can consult our article dedicated to arenas for more details.

42 times more special chests!

La frequency of occurrence of giant chests, magic et super magic chest has been doubled! This absolutely invalidates all our attempts to explain the algorithm for distributing chests in the game! See you very soon on the part of the Clash Royale guide dedicated to chests or on the tips of the game for new explanations.

5Increase in the number of donations/requests authorized

Le number of cards which can be obtained through the system of donations/requests increase significantly And that's good ! As usual, thearena in which you evolve directly determines the number of trading cards.

Please see the following link for more info on variants of the card donation/request system

6Arrival of Legendary cards in the Store

Some ‚ÄúLegendary‚ÄĚ rarity cards can now appear in the shop for players playing in thelegendary arena. It remains to see the price of the card which has not been specified...

7Other cool changes

This May MAJ is also an opportunity for Clash Royale to evolve on the following points:

Copy other players' decks
It is now possible to directly pump a player's deck from his profile. This is obviously only possible if you have the cards of the deck in question. Touch the arrow to the right of the deck presentation and choose the location to copy to if you want to take advantage of this new option.

Manual layout of cards possible during battles It is now possible toswap the location of the cards when you are in combat. To do this, press and hold the card you want to move and drag it to the desired location when it starts to shake.

New crests Ouuuuuh all of them nice new crests to customize your clan what here! Card cost in store readjusted

Fixed and constant prices

Le card cost which you can buy in shop now scales linearly, in 20 unit increments (20, 40, 60, 80 etc).

Gold limit increased

It is henceforth possible to store up to 1 million gold coins ! "He's the richest in all of Canard Ville!" Scrooge, Scrooge! Lalala‚Ķ‚ÄĚ

Added live for spectator mode + access to all arenas

It is henceforth possible to watch friendly matches live. TV Royale also allows you to watch the best fights from any arena level now.

8Changes and New Balances

Maximum card levels in tournaments

Le Tournament rules change and maximum card levels to be used have changed to 1, 4, 7 and 9. All this to balance the fights and facilitate the arrival and adaptation of new players.

Maximum Card Upgrade Levels

Le maximum card upgrade level also evolves:

  • The cards legendary are now limited to a maximum level equal to 5
  • The cards Epique retain their maximum level of 8
  • Rare cards can now be upgraded up to 11 level (against 10 previously)
  • The cards common also gain a level from 12 to 13
  • Finally, maximum king level now go to 13 (against 12 previously)

Card rebalancing

On the side of maps, the following units suffer a rebalancing :

  • Mortar: Considered too powerful because of its simultaneous attack and defense faculties, the mortar card has been changed from a deployment time of 3 to 5 seconds and its damage is reduced by 10%.
  • Bomb tower: Apparently it was too difficult, especially in the early arenas. Its duration is now 40 seconds (was 60 seconds).
  • Cannon: It was deemed too powerful for its low elixir cost (3 units). As a result, his hit points are reduced by 11%.
  • Elixir extractor: Too present in decks, this card, played both for its elixir bonus and as a distraction during enemy attacks, sees its health points reduced by 20%.
  • Royal Giant: This big bearded man struggles to impose himself in the decks, his range is increased by 1 unit!
  • Mirror: Common and rare cards duplicated with the Mirror card gain 1 more level!
  • Valkyrie: This warrior, more ballsy than some males, will now be more vulnerable to the Fireball spell card (which did not suffer the impact as barbarians suffer with a recoil for example) which apparently did not cause enough damage on her previously.
  • Mini PEKKA: Same as the Valkyrie, the Mini PEKKA will now be knocked back by the Fireball card.
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