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Have Life Globes in The Sims Free

You want to know how to recover globes of life about sims free ? This new trick will be entirely devoted to harvesting life globes. To unlock the activities by building certain places on the mysterious island, you must make life globes of the corresponding personality:

  • sports globe: beach
  • nerd globe: salle de jeux
  • animator globe: fun fair
  • animal fan globe: Papatte park.

When a newborn arrives or a new adult sims in your town, you must assign them a long-term dream that will allow you to have specific life globes according to your sims personality (image). It is not profitable to make long-term dreams of children.

Globe of Life in The Sims Free

Create adult sims that you don't want to keep later.
Gather them in an empty house.
Launch several sims to make globes at the same time.

For the sports personality:

- Adult: Use a diving board with the fault of the stairs.
- Senior: Make banana bread or sleep to finish a life globe.

For the intellectual personality:

- Adult: Make a fan film with a video camera.
- Senior: Look on a computer "the derivatives of Dr Oops" or drink tea while reading the theory of relativity.

For the host personality:

- Adult: Do whatever you want or use the sports personality.
- Senior: "I want to talk to sims all day long." You can have 2 seniors discuss like this.

For the animal-loving personality:

- Adult: Play frisbee with a dog all day using the stairway.
- Senior: Feed the birds on a bench at the snowpark.

Kill the sims. This earns XP and you recover the Life Globes.
Life Globes can earn you a lot of Simoleons.

The most profitable would be to make sports globes.

Written by the 18/08/2015

Make Your Sims Immortal

Ever wanted to know how to make your Immortal Sims about Sims free play ?

  • Craft Platinum Globes.
  • Collect one.
  • Stop the aging of a sim by going to the age control tab and using the globe obtained (any personality).

Your sims will no longer age or die.

Written by the 18/08/2015

Remove Downtime in The Sims Free

This tip will show you how remove downtime about sims free. To eliminate dead time, the time it takes sims to reach the action point, there are 2 ways:
- double click on the button on the left of the screen to open a bar where you have icons of the different applications (picture below) which blocks the image.
- apply your 4 fingers to the screen and swipe right or left to freeze the image.
As soon as the picture freezes, the sims movements end. This is very effective if your sims are far or too far from where you want them to be.

Remove dead time

Written by the 18/08/2015

The fault of the stairs

You will find below the trick concerning the fault of the stairs in the game The sims free ou free play in English. In the same house, for adult actions which can be very long, you must:
- put the sims at the top of the stairs
- choose the action you want
- as soon as he arrives on the stairs, use the trackingsim to select someone else who is in another place
- wait a few seconds
- come to the city map
- come back to the house of the sims who did the action.
The action is over.

Actions that can be taken during the fault of the stairs:
- take a dip in the pool on a diving board
- use the camera to film
- play Frisbee with the dog
- to cook
- during canine agility leisure.

The rift is very useful for certain hobbies or for long-term dreams.

Written by the 18/08/2015

Time Tip in The Sims Free

You will see in this tip how set the time about sims free. Open device settings. Go to "Date and time". Remove automatic adjustment. Put a very later date: January 1, 1980 (if you can).

  • Open the game.
  • Make your sims do the action.
  • Close the game.
  • Go back to the device settings and in "Date and time" put the automatic setting back.
  • Return to the game and you find that the action is over.

You can do it for all actions, activities, constructions (very useful to go faster).
You additionally get 7搂 and 500 PMV (picture below) and your sims are inspired.

time tip

Warning !! When using the time trick, the game may freeze.
To debug it:
- Turn off your device by pressing the button at the bottom right until the "Power off" button appears on the screen. Turn it back on.
- Save in the cloud your game then reset the game where you can download your save.

Written by the 18/08/2015

Quick inspiration from the sims

You want to receive quick inspiration in the Sims gratuits / free play ? Follow this tip to the letter. Use the Singing Salmon (30s) to fill all the gauges a sims needs (picture below). You also earn XP.

Quick breath

You will only unlock it after doing the "Long Term Dreams & Legacies" quest at level 26 and you must complete the quest within 7 days.

Buy Song Salmon for 1搂 and put some in every house.

After use, you can use it again after 30 minutes to reset.

Written by the 18/08/2015

needs in The Sims Free

You will find in this part of our tips dedicated to sims free Sims' needs. Sims have needs. You can fill them quickly using 3-star level items.

- Hunger : Take the leftovers from the fridge (16s).

- Bladder: Use the toilets (5s).
Otherwise you can let the sims pee on themselves (image 1). It's just as fast but you leave a puddle of urine that needs to be cleaned up.

1 picture

- Hygiene: Use a dressing table if you were lucky enough to have it (9s) (picture 2). You could get it with an old quest "The 12 Days of Christmas".

2 picture

- Energy: Take a double espresso with a coffee machine (48s).

- Social: You can be funny with another sims (10s) or phone his mother (48s).

- Fun : Use the computer to check emails (36s) or dance using a stereo (2 min 24s) (the advantage is to do this for several sims at the same time) or plant peppers (30s) or cook cookies (1 min).

Written by the 18/08/2015

Culture or mass cuisine in The Sims Free

You want to perform mass cultivation and cooking in Les Sims free on mobile ? This tip will be for you. At first you will need:

- Have a farm plot for each sims you have. The plots can be grouped together in the same place.
- Have the sims inspired.
- Farm to collect Simoleons and XP (picture below).

Increase your culture and cuisine

You can stack with the time trick.

Written by the 18/08/2015

Save file with unlimited Simoleons, PMV and PS

This new trick of the game Les Sims free play will allow you to get a backup with many resources in the game. It is good to have it when you are just starting the game otherwise you will lose your own data. You start with 100 搂, 000 PMV and 000 PS (+Adidas originals man and woman + dolphin pack and swimsuit Bundle + Home premium pack, tropical fish Bundles & Goldfish aquarium unlocked).

To get this ZIP file which contains the save data, search for "sims freeplay hack ifunbox" in the Google bar. Please note that your device must not be jailbroken! Go to a link in the first links and follow the instructions.

Written by the 18/08/2015

Earn more Simoleons and PMV

Would you like to earn more simoleons and PMV in the sims free ? This tip will explain how to do it. Complete tasks and activities with inspired sims in their home.

- Dig up Simoleons or PMVs to animals that cost a lot of money (maximum 2 in a house) (image1).
Your pets' happiness must be maximized by taking care of them. This way the animals will be able to find treasures more quickly.

1 picture

- Go to work. The more your sims are promoted the more simoleons you earn.

- Grow Mass Crops (image2) or mass cooking at night.

2 picture

- Develop the skills and hobbies of your sims.
Build the recreation center near the park in your city (image3).
Choose a hobby for each of your sims based on their age (image4). It will bring you rewards and when you complete a collection you will get a big reward.

3 picture

4 picture

- Participate in competitions according to the hobbies of your sims (image5).
Competitions are available after completing the "Superpowers" quests.
Engage your sims in different competitions in all active hobbies.
Warning ! The selected sims will no longer be available for 24 hours.
It is better to select a sims that corresponds to his hobby.
If you have completed the collection with this sims, you can have the greatest reward.

5 picture

- Drive through the city as soon as you have a car (purchased from the dealer or made available by buying a house). If you follow it, you can collect Simoleons and more rarely PMV by clicking on the musical notes (image6).

6 picture

- Initially, watch ads to earn Simoleons or XP (image7).

7 picture

- Participate in social media offers. If you like the Facebook page, you will receive notifications for events or for special and free offers. You can have Simoleons or PMVs.

- Participate in bingo with one of your seniors to win up to 15000搂 (image8).

8 picture

- Complete the tasks, quests, missions (image9).

9 picture

Written by the 18/08/2015

Make your sims sick

This sims cheat free will tell you how to make your Sims sick. If you shake your device for 4-5 seconds, your Sims will vomit (picture below). If Sims only show simple nausea, shake your device again for another 2-3 seconds. Clean up the mess to earn some XP. Don't overdo it because you risk crashing your device.

Make your Sims sick

Written by the 18/08/2015
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