Candy Crush Saga, overview and game info

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Our articles on Candy Crush Candy Crush Saga, presentation and info on the game Candy Crush Saga marked an entire generation! We present to you the different combos, special costs and number of levels, as well as the other game modes.

Candy Crush Saga is the first game mode in the cult Candy Crush series! This opus lays the foundations of the saga and the different moves and combos. Candy Crush Saga is truly the emblem of the saga, allowing the license to become an essential mobile game.

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Introducing Candy Crush Saga

Candy crush saga lays the foundations of the game. We are of course thinking of Striped Candy by making a combination of 4 candies, which destroys an entire line, or at Scams destroying all the candies of the same color, thanks to a combo of 5 candies. Finally, the Wrapped candies are created when you make a form of L or T Also with 5 candies.

The object of the game is to achieve the best possible combinations in a limited number of moves, with at least three candies of the same color, in order to complete the objectives and score as many points as possible. These famous objectives are 5 in number, and they are far from easy!

  • Point levels: Some of the simplest and most basic stages, you will encounter this type of level in the tutorials and the beginnings of the world.
  • jelly levels : The objective is simple, but the achievement is more complex. In a limited number of moves, you must perform candy combos on the jelly squares.
  • Candy order levels : This type of level is relatively complex, in fact you have to create candies and collect them. Ranging from simple candies to special candies, these levels are far from easy to complete!
  • The ingredient levels: You need to collect a number of ingredients by knocking them off the board (the exit is indicated with small green arrows).
  • The mixing levels : These levels are the most difficult you will encounter. They combine two different purposes! For example, you have to remove all the jelly AND at the same time collect ingredients.

The game currently has over 6965 levels distributed fairly evenly between the different objectives, enough to promise long hours of play!

Candy Crush Saga offers 3 types of special candies



The other game modes of Candy Crush Saga

King didn't stop at Candy Crush, and has developed 3 other game modes for the saga!

Candy Crush Jelly Saga : The major difference is in the objectives. In fact, you will face new rivals who will play against you in real time, such as the jelly queen.

Candy Crush Friends Saga : This opus focuses more on the stories of the different characters, which will help you via a sticker system.

Candy Crush Soda Saga : Soda bars, new combinations, and above all very beautiful
music will allow you to rediscover the series!

Candy Crush Saga has 3 other game modes!


And Candy Crush Saga you get tired, you can always discover a new game mode that will offer you a different gaming experience!

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