Candy Crush Friends Saga Overview and Game Info

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Our articles on Candy Crush Candy Crush Friends Saga, presentation and info on the game Candy Crush Saga marked an entire generation! Faced with this success, King, the game's publisher, has developed new game modes, including Candy Crush Friends Saga. Presentation, similarities and similarities, we tell you everything in this article.

Candy Crush Friends Saga is the newest game mode in the cult Candy Crush series! This new opus takes up the basic principles of the game, while adding improvements over the basic version while approaching the story from a different angle.

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Candy Crush Friends Saga Overview

Jelly Saga and Soda Saga kept the same basics as the original Candy Crush Saga. Candy Crush Friends Saga is no exception to the rule by keeping the same operation.

The object of the game is to make the best possible combinations in a limited number of moves, with at least three candies of the same color in order to complete the objectives and score as many points as possible. These famous objectives are 5 in number:

  • free the animals : Small animals are enclosed in sweets. Each combo you make on these candies frees an animal! When all the animals are saved, you go to the next level.
  • Free the octopuses : This time, you have to release octopuses. To win the level, you must perform hits and combos next to them.
  • Fill the empty hearts : Each hit made near the hearts allows them to move. Bring all the hearts into their mold to achieve victory.
  • Dipping Cookies : To overcome this level, you must hit the candies below the famous cookies to bring them to caramel. 
  • spread the jam : The principle of this level is simple, you must make combinations with candies on jam and normal candies to add jam. When the whole level is covered with them, you win the game!

Filling Hearts is one of the game modes in Candy Crush Friends Saga


Source : CandyCrush Tips and Tricks


What are the differences with Candy Crush Saga?

Although the game carries over many aspects of the base version of Candy Crush, Friends Saga has been able to distinguish itself on certain points.

Impossible not to start with the graphics and design, redone and improved for the greatest pleasure of the players. Enough to motivate players to discover a Candy Crush revamped!

The game offers new combos creating new candies. For example, combining four candies several times in a row allows you to create a special candy!

But the most important novelty is the addition Candy Friends. These are obtainable by collecting stickers that you can collect throughout the game. They will help you by adding special candies when you perform specific combos. You will also be able to learn a lot more about the different characters!

Lots of friends to collect can help you on your adventure

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