Can you play Fall Guys without PS Plus?

Our articles on Fall Guys Can we play Fall Guys without PS Plus? Can you play Fall Guys without PS Plus? Although the game is already paid, some players wonder if the subscription is necessary to play on PS4.

It's been about a month now Fall Guys is one of the most popular games on PS4 but also on PC. While computer gamers can play multiplayer games without spending more than the price of the game, this is not always the case on PlayStation which often requires a subscription, the PS Plus, to play online.

So can we play Fall Guys without having PlayStation Plus?

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Can you play Fall Guys on PS4 without PS Plus?

While multiplayer games like Fortnite can be played on PS4 without a PlayStation Plus subscription, most require you to shell out a few extra bucks every month. Fall Guys is no exception since indeed players will need to pay for the PlayStation Plus subscription every month in order to play as the game's PlayStation Store page reports.

It should be noted, however, that the subscription to PlayStation Plus membership gives free access to Fall Guys as part of August promotions. So don't forget to get the PS Plus to be able to play Fall Guys!

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As a reminder, PlayStation Plus is a paid subscription offered by Sony. from 8,99 € and allowing you to play online but also to have access to a catalog of games that is renewed every month.

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