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This part of the guide Fallout 4 is devoted to the character of Cait. Here you will find all the information about this character: his preferences, his quests and his special ability.

is a junkie, but she is also the undisputed champion of the La Fosse arena. When you first meet her, her Bookmaker Tommy will "sell" her to you for a pittance. Very withdrawn at first, Cait will open up as you spend time with her. In the end, you will represent for her the only valid alternative to cam.

Recruitment: Blow everything up in the Pit and talk to Tommy before getting Cait into your bundle

Affinity Quest: "Mild Intervention"

Romance: Yes, if you like to take donuts

Signature Skill: Adrenaline Rush (Action Points recharge 25% faster if your HP drops below 25%)

Likes: Selfishness, violence, drugs, alcohol, taking care of Canigou, lockpicking, helping the Brotherhood of Steel and fighting the Institute

Dislikes: Generosity, cannibalism, slaughtering innocent people, helping the Militiamen and helping the Rail Network

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