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Our articles on Brawl Stars Brawl Stars: Tara, guide and advice What are Tara's spells and what are her characteristics? We tell you everything!

Brawl Stars is mobile game developed by Supercell where multiple players compete in different arenas. The game should soon be available in Spain on iOS et Android. In order to make you wait and to get started in the best way, we are going to offer you a guide on each of the 19 Brawlers with Vosketal.

Tara data sheet

    Type: Remote
    Speed: 720
    Base damage: 380
    Point of view : 3200
    Type: Mythical
    Skin: No


Primary Attack - Triple Tarot: A wave of the hand and three tarot cards pierce his opponents. Was that your card?
Scope: 8 boxes Refill: 2s
Incredibly - Gravity: Tara makes a mystical well of gravity appear which inexorably attracts the adversaries around it... So that they all crash into it. Ouch.
Max. (about) : 6.5 boxes
Star Power - Dark Portal: Tara's Super opens a dimensional portal. A Shadow Tara (2.400 health points) appears and attacks enemies (400 damage).

Improvements per level

Level Point of view Primary Attack (Per map) Super Attack
1 3200 380 800
2 3360 399 840
3 3520 418 880
4 3680 437 920
5 3840 456 960
6 4000 475 1000
7 4160 494 1040
8 4320 513 1080
9 - 10 4480 532 1120

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