Brawl Stars: Prime, game mode guide

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The mode Premium is one of three game modes that is not permanent in Brawl Stars, in the sense that it is in a rotation with the mode Robbery. We are going to discuss its rules, its cards and give you three tips to get out of it better.


The mode Premium is played in 3 against 3 where the winning team will be the one with the most stars at the end of the game (which lasts 2 minutes). To get them, you have to kill the opposing brawlers or pick up the star that is available at the start of the game.

Each Brawler starts with 2 stars and therefore by default a Brawler will always give 2 points as a minimum. As soon as you kill an enemy Brawler, you earn a star, knowing that the maximum you can have is 7 stars. However, if you get killed, you revert to 2 stars.

Therefore, the stars accumulate according to the number that the Brawler that has just been killed has. To give you two examples:

- If you have 6 stars and you kill a Brawler with 3 stars, you will give 3 stars to your team and you will earn a 7th.

- If this Brawler that you killed, who is at 2 stars, eliminates you, he will give 7 stars to his team and recover a 3rd star for himself.


The map is the same size as the mode Razia de gemmes : 33 in length and 21 in width, or 693 squares in all.

The consultation of the maps is here, with an example below. The blue and red circles are where you will appear on the map, with the start star in the middle.



- With one exception, this game mode favors brawlers which have a large attack range. Indeed, you clearly don't need to go to melee to get what you want.

- The Brawler that amplifies how to play in this mode and shines in this one is Polly. Indeed, its very large range and its specificity in relation to this mean that you must play at a maximum distance to optimize it. In addition, his Super will allow you to retreat quite effectively and regenerate quietly.

- Penny is also a good option in this mode. She has a good range and above all, her Cannon is not necessarily easy to reach when it is placed and can help give stars to your team (or yourself).

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