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Our articles on Brawl Stars Brawl Stars: Mortis, guide and advice What are Mortis' spells and what are his characteristics? We tell you everything!

Brawl Stars is mobile game developed by Supercell where multiple players compete in different arenas. The game is available in Spain on iOS et Android. We present to you, therefore, each character with its full abilities and characteristics. Here, here is the Brawler sheet Mortis.

Mortis data sheet

    Type: Melee
    Speed: 820
    Base damage: 900
    Point of view : 3800
    Type: Mythical
    Skin: Dandy - free, Rockabilly - 150 gemmes


Primary Attack - Shovel: Mortis leaps on his enemies and shoves them with a shovel. After all, it's good for business.
Range (approx): 2,5 boxes Refill: 2,5s
Incredibly - Bats: Mortis summons bats which drain his enemies of their health and restore his. How charming! It should be noted that the whole represents a single projectile.
Scope: 10 boxes Damage: 800
Star Power - Dark Harvest: Mortis restores 1400 of his life points after he kills an opposing Brawler.

Improvements per level

Level Point of view Primary Attack Super Attack
1 3800 900 900
2 3990 945 945
3 4180 990 990
4 4370 1035 1035
5 4560 1080 1080
6 4750 1125 1125
7 4940 1170 1170
8 5130 1215 1215
9 - 10 5320 1260 1260


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