Brawl Stars: Free Gems Generator, why is it prohibited?

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Our articles on Brawl Stars Brawl Stars: Generator of free gems, why is it prohibited? Many players are undoubtedly tempted to use a generator of free gems on Brawl Stars. We explain to you why it is prohibited.

Developed and published by Supercell, Brawl Stars is one of the most popular games on smartphones. Attracting all types of players, from the most casual to the professional, 3v3 game players all have in common the desire to progress in the game.

This is where gems come into play. Although optional, they are available in the Brawl Stars store. They thus make it possible to progress more quickly by buying in particular chests or even passes.

Why are free gem generators banned on Brawl Stars?

Although it is possible to obtain gems simply by playing Brawl Stars, buying them with real money in the store is still easier and faster. However, you have to take out your credit card and invest a few euros in the game. This is a step that some players are not ready to take and are therefore looking for ways to get it for free on sites. However this is illegal and is punished by Supercell. Indeed, the purchase of gems in the game store allows Supercell to develop the game and continue to offer it for free to players.

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Must therefore avoid sites and videos that promise free gems because they are not recognized by Supercell and using them can get players in trouble. The best way to get gems is therefore to play or to invest a few euros in the game shop!

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