Bizzard, blizzard (โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…)

After defeating the Pukei-Pukei Corail and the paolumu belladone, the commander will inform you that a Barioth has been seen in the Eternal Frost and that your assistant will not be able to return to Seliana before having averted this danger (picture1). For this fight, preferably equip yourself with a fire or lightning type weapon, the Barioth being very sensitive to its two elements (picture2).

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Once in the Eternal Frost, do not forget to drink a hot drink and then go northeast to Area 7 (picture3). A cutscene will begin and you will meet the Barioth. The Barioth is a large, saber-toothed flying wyvern that first appeared in Monster Hunter Tri. This enemy will represent a real challenge even for the most experienced hunters (picture4).

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The Barioth first has three classic attacks: its forward jump, its side attack and its tail swipe (picture5). You will therefore always have to be halfway from the enemy so as not to be surprised by his jump. As a result, move forward quickly to inflict some damage on it, then step back before being hit by a potential circular or lateral attack (picture6).

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Strike the claws of the Barioth first (picture7). After destroying them, he will no longer be able to hang on after a charge or a forward jump and may find himself on the ground for several seconds. The same goes for his fangs as well as his tail that you can cut. If you succeed in cutting it, its tail swipe will no longer be able to inflict the โ€œIce Blightโ€ affliction on you (picture8).

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The Barioth will also have the ability to fly for a few seconds and rush at you or launch a tornado in your direction (picture9). Use a blinding capsule to make him fall to the ground, then use your grappling hook to get close to him very quickly and hit him for a few seconds (picture10). If possible, use your slingshot to bump the monster into one of the arena walls.

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If you get hit by its tail or one of its tornadoes (picture11), use a Heal Berry or your Amplifier to remove the โ€œIce Blightโ€ affliction. The Barioth will mainly move in areas 7, 8 and 11 of Eternal Frost. In Area 7, the ground can collapse and a river of ice can reduce your stamina. In Area 9 the arena is confined and the Barioth can perform several jumps in your direction (picture12).

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Area 11 is slippery and the Barioth will have a hard time keeping its balance (picture13). This one can cling to the wall, throw a tornado and then jump on you. During this confrontation, a Thunder Anjanath should be near Area 11 (picture14). Feel free to lure him in to create a turf war.

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Tip: talk to the Chamberlain of Seliana so that he asks you to bring him some dung (picture15). You can easily get some by following the Anjanath Thunder during this main mission. Then go to the Intendancy and give your two fertile dung to unlock a โ€œDesert Termite Tableโ€ (picture16). As a reminder, these objects have no influence on your character.

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