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Let's be honest, if you're playing Destiny 2, someone is going to try to shoot you. So what you need to do is get in before them and shoot them first! That being said, you're going to need a good rifle to do this, so we're going to tell you five of the best sniper rifles in the game so you can keep your head up…hopefully!


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You don't want to mess with Slyvie-1!

This one excels in the kinetic category. Sure, sniper rifles are meant to do damage from a distance, but the Succession is designed to bring other players from far away! It has a smaller clip size than some of the other rifles on this list, but this can be improved by removing it with a Vorpal Weapon or Reconstruction advantage roll.

By doing this, you'll have a six-bullet chamber instead of three, which means you can take on some really tough enemies with this thing. Passive reloading is also very useful.

If you like to participate in PvP Crucible matches, you can also look for Snapshot Sights and Killing Wind. These will allow you to better defeat enemies while moving. It may take a few rolls before you can find the right one to apply.

To get the Succession Rifle, you'll need to complete the second encounter in the Deep Stone Crypt raid.

frozen orbit

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Never out of sight? Are you stalking me?

Frozen Orbit is pretty much a great all-rounder when it comes to sniper rifles. If you're looking for a rifle that has good impact damage, good range, and a huge pool of perks, then this is your gun. This again comes on the shorter side of things when it comes to ammo, but if you can get your hands on it, it'll be great for your arsenal.

It also comes with an array of options for playing PvP, such as Snapshot Sights, Moving Target, and Hammer-Forged Rifling. If you're more focused on Gambit and PvE, you can also increase maneuverability, ammo capacity, and range with Appended Mag and Arrowhead Brake.

If you need to increase the magazine even more, just add Triple Tap and Clown Cartridge for even better specs. Although it is average in some categories, this rifle has the ability to get quite powerful!

To get Frozen Orbit, you will need to complete Crucible matches or earn Rank Packages.

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Izanagi's Burden

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Shame, guilt, fear? STOP READING MY DIARY…

This rifle is excellent in the Energy category. If you really want to double down and increase your impact, this weapon is ideal for doing so. By having a Bullet Perk that will consume more ammo to increase impact, you can really make that shot hit hard!

If you only have four balls, fear not! As this pistol can inflict the same amount of damage as rifles that carry a larger seven-bullet clip.

It's admittedly now a legacy weapon, and doesn't have the range of benefits that other rifles have, but if you need something good in a pinch, it'll still serve your big purpose! It's a classic that stands the test of time and is good for both PvE and PvP.

To get Izanagi's Burden, you must turn in an Exotic Code at the tower during an Exotic quest.


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Order your future! Swear it's a wall sticker...

If you're primarily a PvP player, the Revoker will be in your wheelhouse as it excels in the Crucible category. If you miss your shots, this weapon has the advantage of returning bullets to your magazine so you can try again with the same bullet and not have to worry so much about wasting ammo.

It also has PvP approved minimum zoom and instant views among its advantages. He's certainly Sunsetted at the moment, but that doesn't mean he won't be making a comeback. So, even if you can't get it easily right now, you should keep an eye out for future season drops to see if you can get it in your arsenal.

To get the Revoker, you'll have to wait to see if it reappears in later seasons.

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Meet this storm of sound and fury, until the clashes of thunder are silenced! Badass…

Cloudstrike's base stats are impressive, which is why he ranks high on this list. If you are looking for something super precise, smooth and of course powerful, then this is the one you should try to get! Its perks, Mortal Polarity Intrinsic and Stormbringer, make the weapon so accurate it's really hard to miss.

Not to mention that if you manage to land a precision finishing hit, lightning will strike as well, which is incredibly cool! Subsequent precision hits will then lead to an arc infused thunderstorm that is very powerful and deadly to those within range. It's just a rifle that keeps on giving!

Whether you are a PvP, PvE or Gambit player, this rifle will be perfect in any situation and has a lot of versatility.

To get Cloudstrike, you'll need to complete Variks Sabotage, European Explorer 1 and 2. After that, you'll need to farm Empire Hunts on elective difficulty to get it from a random drop.

Some of the guns on this list may disappear in the future, so always take what's available with a pinch of salt as Bungie is always going out and releasing new content, including new weapon drops and packs.

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