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Real-time strategy has been a favorite game genre for many gamers for many years now, so here are some of the best RTS games on PC.


First released in 2001, Stronghold takes players and puts them in the role of a lord and tasks them with building a castle and running it. Their objective will also be to defend it against invaders and even lead armies to destroy other enemy castles and complete any question of objectives.

Fortress Crusader

Stronghold got a sequel the following year, called Strong Crusader. This sequel would take the game to the battlefields of the Middle East and place players in the roles of Middle Eastern lords or Crusaders. Along with that, the sequel added a ton of new buildings and units to the mix and even had an expanded skirmish mode where players could battle AI overlords across multiple maps.

Command and conquer

Command and Conquer is one of the oldest RTS series to have fallen on hard times. However, that hasn't always been the case, as many older games are considered and still among the best RTS of all time. That said, we highly recommend checking out some of the older titles if you're a fan of RTS. games; just avoid Tiberian Twilight like the plague.

Dune 2000

Loosely based on Frank Herbert's Dune universe, Dune 2000 is a game that takes what was great about Command and Conquer, reimagines it with a new Dune look, and the result is great. The game is fun, and if you're a C&C fan, you'll love Dune 2000, because the same basic gameplay is there, and it's perfect.

seven kingdoms 2

In Seven Kingdoms 2, players can play one of many human kingdoms and take on multiple monster factions through diplomacy, trade, and conquest. Players can also conquer settlements and call upon the power of their gods across multiple game maps.

Age of Empires

Age of Empires, a game series that has found a place in the hearts of many RTS fans. The series has become widely known through several releases and beloved for its combat, building mechanics, and tech-age mechanics. Along with that, players can also play a ton of different factions and command multiple types of units.

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Empire Earth

. In Empire Earth, players control the fate of fledgling nations across multiple ages and as they struggle for dominance with other factions. The includes a ton of nations, units, and even has an extensive campaign with voice actors that still haunt us to this day – in a good way.

golden majesty

Majesty Gold is a unique RTS where players take on the role of a king ruling a fantasy kingdom; Along with this, players have no direct control over their units and instead must cheer them on with bounties on various monsters that roam the map. All in all, Majesty Gold is a must-play game for anyone who's had enough of the traditional RTS format and remains one of our personal favorites.

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