Best MMOs and MMORPGs on PC

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It's always fun to spend hours in a very enjoyable MMORPG, and the PC market has plenty of that. From new games to old ones, there's a lot to enjoy. So with that in mind, here is a decent sized list of some of the best MMORPGs on PC.

The best MMOs and MMORPGs on PC

The following is a list of some of the best MMORPGs on PC and some that are coming soon to PC. These games also range from personal favorites to established classics or upcoming releases.

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The best MMOs and MMORPGs on PC Description Where to buy/download
New World New World is a highly anticipated online PVP role-playing game that we've covered extensively in the Pro Game Guides. The game is fun and features a vast world filled with adventures, crafting systems, and monsters to fight. In short, it's like Runescape with a heavy emphasis on faction-based PVP with decent PVE elements. We highly recommend you check it out and the many guides and articles we have about it on Pro Game Guides. Steam or Amazon/Official Site
Path of exile Path of Exile is very different from most traditional PC MMORPGs, and the most important thing is that it's an ARPG first and an MMORPG second. It also features tons of classes, monsters to fight, and a skill system bigger than the Library of Congress. Give it a try if you're an ARPG fanatic like us at Pro Game Guides. smoke
The Elder Scrolls Online The Elders Scrolls is a decent MMORPG that brings the traditional Elder Scrolls gaming experience to an MMO format. It's fun with friends and covers a lot of MMORPG bases. It includes crafting, quests, dungeon exploration and more. Because of all that, it makes our list as a decent choice for a solid MMORPG experience in 2021. smoke
TERA ā€“ Action MMORPG First released in 2017, TERA is a critically acclaimed action MMORPG that is still loved by fans to this day. The game features tons of dungeons, 13 classes, seven races and huge battlefields, and huge monsters to take down in glorious fashion. We recommend giving it a try by downloading it from Steam today! smoke
Black desert Black Desert is a massive MMORPG that is very similar to the aforementioned New World. It features a robust crafting system, massive PVP wars on nodes and sieges where players become lords and form guilds. It also features tons of side activities such as trading, farming, and even horse training, all set in a rugged open-world fantasy world. smoke
lost ark Lost Ark is an all-new ARPG set in a world where a legion of demons have returned, and it's up to the brave heroes to fight off the rising tide of demons. The game features a good 15 classes and can be played with friends in co-op or solo like a traditional ARPG experience such as Grim Dawn or Diablo 1-3. Lost Ark will also launch this year, and when it does, we highly recommend checking it out and checking out the Pro Game Guides for all your guide needs! Steam or Amazon/Official Site

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