Basic controls

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In this part of the Soluce Dragon Ball FighterZ, you will be able to discover a detailed description of the different controls and basic techniques of the Gameplay. You will also find information about the Super, the sparkling explosion or the Super Charge.

Basic controls
light attack
medium attack
strong attack
special attack
Z1 support
Change Z1 Maintain Maintain
Z1 quick change + +
Z2 support
Change Z2 Maintain Maintain
Z2 quick change + +
Dragon Chain or+ or+
Super Charge or+ or+
Ki Charging + +
Teleportation + +
Sparkling Blast + +
Improved Jump +
Aerial recovery ouou ouou
Mobile recovery or+ or+
Fixed Recovery
+ +
Close recovery or before hitting the ground
Delay Recovery Maintain
Guard ou ou
Forward Z
Cancellation of custody after a shift after a shift
Great combo 1 ++ ++
Great combo 2 ++ ++
Combo Z ++ ++
Ultimate Z Change 1 + during a special attack + during a special attack
Ultimate Z Change 2
+ during a special attack + during a special attack
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