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This type of mission will be quite special and will require you to collect 1000 Wycademy points. First of all, get the mission from the Quest Counter and go to the Jurassic Frontier area (picture1). Before starting your journey, collect all the utensils present in the blue chest: net, pickaxe, etc. (picture2) You will indeed have to recover as many components as possible from the area by interacting with (picture3).

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By doing this, you will earn Wycademy points. On your way, you may encounter a Great Maccao (picture4), it’s up to you whether you want to defeat him or not, this confrontation will count as a side quest of this mission and will allow you to collect bonus supplies (pictures5and6) .

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During your journey, you will certainly not have enough space to carry all the items in your inventory. So do not hesitate to make space by throwing away uninteresting objects that do not give you points counting for this mission and go back regularly near the red chest to see how many points you have left (picture7). You will eventually reach 1000 Wycadémie points and complete this mission. Information: the surplus of points will be converted into money! (picture8)

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