Artifact Excavation

This part of the Soluce Monster Hunter Stories 2 is dedicated to the "Artifact Excavation" side quest. Here you will find the progress of the mission as well as information on its activation conditions and the rewards obtained.

Activation : Mineral Expert

Access conditions: Complete "Reverto the Mentor"

Reward : Bottle cap x3

Talk to the ore expert located south of Lulucion to activate the quest, then head for the desert west of Lamure (picture1). There, start by going to the southwest of the area and collect a first piece of metal near the old lair of the ruins (pictures2-3).

1 picture

2 picture

3 picture

Once this is done, go get a second piece near the lair to the east of your position, then a third to the south of the area (pictures4-5). Once you have these items, simply return to the expert to complete the mission (picture6).

4 picture

5 picture

6 picture

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