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Our articles on Archero Archero promo codes in 2020 Find in this guide the promo codes available for Archero.

For several months or even years now, mobile games have been popular. In addition to the big cars in the sector such as Mario Kart TourCall of Duty Mobile et Black Desert Mobile, it sometimes happens that some lesser known games manage to find a place for themselves and this is the case with the game we are going to talk about today, Archero.

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Like many other games, it is possible for players to enter promo codes to obtain in-game rewards. We will therefore give you in this guide the different promo codes and how to enter them on Archero.

List of Archero promo codes


At the moment, no promo code is active.



At the moment, no promo code is permanent.

How to enter a promo code on Archero?

To enter a promo code on Archero, the process is quite simple and is as follows:

Launch Archero then click on the icon " Parameters Ā».
Once in the settings, click on ā€œ Insert promo code under the Promo Pack menu.
You then have a menu that opens where you must enter your promo code. So enter your code, then press " Retrieve to claim your rewards.


List of Expired Archero Promo Codes

YOUTH - offers gems and arrows

image - offers 2 coins, 000 energy and a key

HAPPY - offers keys and arrows

FRIENDS - offers an "obsidian" chest, keys and energy

Santaro. - offers an "obsidian" chest, keys and energy


As a reminder, Archero which is developed by Habby has been available on iOS and Android mobiles since March 24, 2019 and continues to update with new heroes.

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