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New big monster from Monster hunter rise, the Rakna-Kadaki is a creature that you can meet in the sand plains but also in the lava caves (picture1). And to access Grand Camp Expert 7 Quests ★ (picture2), you will have to defeat him. Being weak to the “Ice” element, we advise you to use a weapon crafted with Goss Harag materials in order to inflict maximum damage (picture3).

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Before going on a mission, do not forget to equip yourself with your strength and defense amulets as well as several cleaners (picture4). Thanks to this object, you will be able to remove the “Immobilization” affliction from your character, if you get hit by a spider web (picture5). Note, however, that the Rakna-Kadaki can also inflict the “Blight-Fire” status on you if you are hit by its jet of flames (picture6).

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Video of the fight against and Rakna-Kadaki:

Speaking of its fiery attacks, the Rakna-Kadaki can freeze and perform an area attack around it or create a stream of flames on its left or right while moving (picture7). Regarding his zone attack, you will be warned in advance by a red smoke materializing near his belly (picture8). Roll backwards to dodge it (picture9).

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As for the jet of flames, simply stand opposite its attack and take the opportunity to hit it (picture10).

In another register, the Rakna-Kadaki can also summon Rachnoids in front of him who can project flames or webs in a straight line (picture11). In either case, stand between these enemies to avoid their attacks (picture12).

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Obviously, the capacities of the Rakna-Kadaki not stopping in such a good way, it can also spit out several webs in an arc (picture13). In this case, your Filoptere or your roll roll between the webs will allow you to get out in one piece (picture14). However, if an accident happens, think about the cleaners that will be essential when the monster is able to place webs randomly at the four corners of the battlefield (picture15).

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Rather slow, this large monster will not refuse either a charge that can be dodged with a simple roll (picture16). And it will be the same when the Rakna-Kadaki throws a Rachnoid in one direction before using a wire to move very quickly to where its offspring is (picture17). The moment will also be ideal to counter-attack while he tries to regain his senses (picture18).

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Very powerful, the Rakna-Kadaki can also use its abdomen to hit the ground and knock you over (picture19). But in any case, no matter what your weapon, one of the best ways out will be to get under his paws to hit him in the head and webs. (picture20). Just be sure to initiate a back roll to dodge his abdomen or his flaming air effect attack (picture21).

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Finally, once enraged, the Rakna-Kadaki will lose its webs on the legs and abdomen (picture22). You will have more difficulty hitting it and inflict less damage (picture23), but you can always take the opportunity to leave the area, heal yourself and sharpen your blade (picture24).

One thing is certain, during this fight, favor open areas. Otherwise, you can easily find yourself stuck by the monster's template which will chain attacks without you being able to dodge them.

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Especially since a spider at heart, the Rakna-Kadaki will be able to climb the walls when it is in a cave (picture25) to project itself in your direction or use its jet of flames throughout the area (picture26) picture27). So remember that a flash bomb will be enough to bring it down and open an undeniable attack door (pictureXNUMX). Good luck.

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