Anthem: The Colossus Skills & Gear

Our articles on Anthem Anthem: The Colossus, skills and equipment In Anthem you can play up to 4 different javelins, among them is the Colossus, the heavy tank par excellence.

Presentation of the Colossus

The Colossus is arguably the toughest javelin in the game but also the least subtle. In addition to its panel of very interesting skills, it will be the javelin of choice for players wishing to be on the front line. Although slow and heavy in its movement, the Colossus will provide players with a very wide range of skills, each more devastating than the other.

type of jump Rocket
Gameplay style heavy tank
dodge Bouclier

The Colossus

Fighting style Multiple targets

The colossus can be equipped with all weapons, and more particularly heavy weapons, so he will be able to meet the desires of the players while putting very high damage at the disposal of his team.

The skills of the Colossus

Like all javelins, the colossus has the option of equipping components that boost its stats and skills.

Introducing Colossus Skills

1 - The Heavy Assault Launcher

The heavy assault launcher has the advantage of being able to be adapted to any situation, so you can use different modules depending on the way you play or the mission you are going to carry out.

→ Siege cannon: Fires a powerful explosive.

→ Electromagnetic cannon: After a short cooldown, fires a projectile capable of piercing armor.

→ Flamethrower: Shoots a stream of flames.

→ Spit venom: Fires multiple bursts of acid projectiles that deal damage over time.

→ Canon flak: Short-range shot, dealing damage while keeping enemies at bay.

2 - The artillery launcher

The colossus not only has its heavy launcher as an asset, but also a very powerful artillery launcher which will undoubtedly be its greatest strength in battles. This launcher will offer multiple possibilities to eradicate your enemies

→ Shock coil: Charged coil that electrocutes enemies over a wide area.

→ Lightning Coil: The projectiles aim at targets in front of the colossus.

→ Hyper explosive mortar: Fires a powerful explosive with a large radius of action.

Fragmentation Mortar: Unleashes a powerful missile salvo covering a large area of ​​action.

→ Firewall mortar: Launches a gigantic wall of flame that deals damage to enemies that pass through it and shields players.

3 - Melee attack

The colossus is a javelin of choice for close combat thanks to its great resistance. Thanks to its shield (replaces dodge), the colossus can carry out powerful charges. It also has powerful melee attacks ranging from the diving attack (a melee attack in the air) to the basic punch, the colossus will please the most naughty players.

Charge : Sprint with your shield equipped. Each enemy hit will be knocked down and take damage.

4 - Support equipment

In addition to these many offensive skills, the colossus also has so-called support skills, which will protect you (you and your allies) or draw the attention of enemies to you.

War cry : Targets enemies and forces them to attack the colossus.

Shield Pulse: Reduces damage taken by 33% for the caster and allies.


The ultimate skill

In addition to their basic skills, javelins also have an ultimate skill. When it comes to the colossus, the ultimate skill is none other than a powerful siege artillery cannon possessing a devastating power very useful for cleaning.

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